Written by: Kayla Lee


Silencio No


Album: S/T

Release date: August 25, 2017

Label: Unsigned

Silencio No, an Argentina-based pop punk band, pens uplifting lyrics that are paired with equally feel-good melodies to create the perfect summer anthems. This energetic three piece released a self titled 11 track album back in August 2017, and are gearing up to bring their music to people near and far. Comprised of Juan Leal on vocals and guitar, Federico Grassi on bass, and Angel Guiles on drums, Silencio No have created an album that covers all of the bases --

  • Memorable melodies? Check! 
  • Catchy choruses? Check!
  • Pure pop punk power? Check, check, and check! 

Pop punk in general is a genre that can easily be over done, tiring, and a bit immature lyric-wise depending on the subject, but at the same time, there are timeless pop punk powerhouse jams that just never grow old. Thankfully, Silencio No's music falls into the latter category, with tracks that incorporate aspects pulled from related genres and often times bordering on melodic, without sounding out of place. Keeping the listener on their toes, their songs each have their own personal twist that showcases the groups original sound. while staying true to the genre. 

Opening with "Brand New Day", the layered instrumentals create a full, captivating sound complete with sharp guitars and whirring sound effects that give the impression of being on a space ship. Lyrically, the song is entirely positive and motivational, encouraging the listener to keep pushing through the though times no matter how difficult it seems. While cliche, the group puts a new spin on a familiar topic without it seeming boring / trite. 

The same can be said for the next track, "Survivor" -- this song has a bit more of a traditional punk sound to it, most notably evident in the guitar riffs and simplicity of the lyrics themselves. 

"Doom" starts out heavy, with more of a metal-vibe that the previous tracks. Silencio No certainly know how to keep the listener engaged -- while some of the lyrical content is similar, none of the actual tracks sound the same. 

Closing the album with "Decir Que No", the energy carries on until the very end. With lyrics like, "No importa donde estes / Importa lo que haces / Y sequir siendo vos" which translate to "It does not matter where you are / It matters what you do / and continue being you", the message is clear -- stay positive, keep moving forward, and don't let the past get the best of you. 

One important quality of this release is that a handful of the songs are in English, and a handful are in Spanish -- while this isn't something that you typically see in the pop punk world, it's definitely refreshing as it makes the music more accessible to people living in different places, speaking different languages, and bonding over their love of the genre. Musically, this group is the total package. Lyrically, there is certainly room for expanding and broadening subject matter on future releases! 

Give Silencio No's music a spin for yourself to find out what you think -- you can listen on both Bandcamp and Spotify, and you can follow them on Facebook to stay up to date with the band. 

Left: photo by Mariano Abalde | Right: photo by Chino Acosta

I got to speak with vocalist / guitarist Juan about the groups formation, future touring plans, and favorite genres -- check our our interview below! 

Q: How did you all meet and join the band? 

A: I (Juan) and Angel first met in high school. We started playing together in other bands and in 2005 we formed Silencio No. We had some bass players during the years as we made our first records, Silencio No EP (2005), Abrir Las Puertas (2006), A Nuestra Tierra (2011), and the band had some hiatus during those years, but Federico showed up in the beginning of 2015 and we have been a stable formation since then.

Q: Where do you draw your musical inspiration from when writing songs?

A: While Silencio No's music is based on Pop-Punk/Alternative Rock, we all have different inspirations and listen to all kinds of music. For example, Angel also plays in a Folk band and Federico is in a Metal band. Every record we created found us listening to different kinds of bands.

Q: Are there any big plans in the works for 2018 touring wise?

A: We released our record Silencio No this year, and we're planning a tour along the east coast of Entre Ríos, our province, in January, as it's summer here during these months. We're also expecting to play in some big cities of Argentina, like Buenos Aires, Córdoba (already confirmed) or Rosario.

Q: What city would you love to play a show in? 

A: We'd love to play everywhere we can, from small towns to big cities. We also don't have any boundaries. It would be cool to show our music in other countries of South America, in Europe, or the USA.

Q: What message do you hope that listeners take away from the album?

A: Just be yourself, like "Brand new day" says. All our lives are like the waves in the sea, with high and lows. There might be some difficulties sometimes, but stay positive and strong, because good moments will come again.

You can stay up to date with Silencio No on Facebook