Kailey Miller

Kailey Miller is a 24-year-old singer songwriter who draws inspiration from artists such as Sara Bareilles and Norah Jones. She recently released 'Broken" which is her first single of 2018.

The piano and strings are simple and beautiful, which helps to spotlight her voice and the lyrics of the song.

This single is like a warm cup of tea that will fill your soul, and I highly suggest checking it out! I was able to speak with Kailey about her new song, and learn a little more about the project.

Photo by Annelise Loughead Photography

Q: What was the first line you wrote of this song?

A: The first and last line, "Tell me one more time that I'm not broken." A few months back I had hit a rough patch in my life and one night I was really struggling. I was being held by a close friend as we talked it through and he said, "You're not broken." It was a simple moment, but it struck me for its contrast between despair/difficulty and encouragement/beauty.  The rest of the song grew from that moment and that line.

Q: How long have you been writing? Who has been your biggest fan and source of encouragement throughout your creative endeavors?

A: I have been writing since early high school - about 8 years now! I have to say my parents have been my biggest source of encouragement throughout this time. They've always pushed me to pursue my passions, and have done everything from encouraging my early (not so great) work to helping put me through music school. I also have my peers to thank for their constant support. Putting your work out there can be a very scary thing, and I have received so much love from them.

Q: Where do you find most of your inspiration stems from? Is it personal experiences, stories you've read, etc.

A: Definitely personal experiences. My writing flows the most naturally when I am drawing from my own life. Making music out of any feeling from pain to love is one of the most cathartic and rewarding things I can do. I want my songs to tell a story - an honest story - to engage listeners as much as possible.

Q: What is your favorite memory of writing/recording this single?

A: It has to be the first time I heard the instrumental track in full before the vocals were added. When everything had been tweaked and polished and I heard the layering of piano and strings for the first time. There's nothing like hearing your work come to life in exactly the way you wanted it to. It created the perfect framework to complement the words I'd written and was such a special and exciting moment.

Q: Is there any advice you'd like to give other up and coming artists?

A: Believe in your project. Confidence is something I've grappled with throughout this whole process, but knowing that my work is worthwhile and reaching other people is a huge source of encouragement. Also, get outside your own little bubble! Being a solo artist can be isolating, but some of the best work I've been involved with has been created with the help of friends and peers, whether it's a co-write or having my favorite musicians perform on a track.

Artwork for Kayley's new single, "Broken"