High Fidelity // Feature Friday

Written by: Kayla Lee


High Fidelity

Album: Stay True To Yourself

Release date: December 30, 2017

Label: Unsigned

Pop-punk inspired trio High Fidelity take on more than just soaring choruses and angst infused lyrics with their end of 2017 release, Stay True To Yourself. If you haven't heard of them before, it's likely because they're from Madrid...but that's okay, because you're learning about them now, and the saying goes "better late than never," right?

Consisting of guitarist Pete, bassist Diego, and drummer Mario, with all three sharing vocal duties, High Fidelity's seven track album Stay True To Yourself opens with "Antolini's Fall Theory." This song immediately stirs up memories of being at Warped Tour during seemingly endless summers in the mid 2000's in a bittersweet, nostalgic way.

The jaunty riffs, inviting lyrics, and the mixture of clean and rough vocals is the perfect recipe for a solid, well rounded track. While the clean vocals lean more towards the untrained nonchalance reminiscent of New Found Glory, they're quite catchy-- "Restless days and sleepless nights / Tired of people and worthless fights / If everyone is climbing so high / Why should I fall? / Never ending fucked up shit, it’s an endless cycle / Trying to fit in, get schooled, get married, get a job, be a man / I choose the misfit thing!" This is one of those songs that you'll be singing to yourself even when you're done listening. 

"Mors Aut Gloria" takes a serious approach lyrically, and touches on depression, suicidal thoughts, and the struggle that people generally keep inside and battle every single day -- "Will I choose my death or glory? / Will I take a step to write my story? / Will I be the one who make things clear?" Sometimes it's not easy, and sometimes all that you want to do is simply give up. Who knows who this track could potentially reach that will give them a boost that they need to get themselves out a rut and to keep going-- the power of music is truly impressive and spans further than you would think.

 "Sewing Box" close out the album, and wrap it up nicely. Each song on the album has its own personality so to speak, and these two stand out specifically due to their intricate lyrics and mix of rough and clean vocals that add an aggressive undertone to the tracks. Essentially overflowing with intricate lyrics sung with a traditional pop-punk vocal style ("even if I’m dirt I could grow some flowers on me," "I won’t let the clock consume me,") there's also the addition of rough, heavy vocals that lends an additional dimension.

While each song seemingly swings to various genres that mesh together and crossover, it's well executed. None of the songs feel forced or like filler tracks (those are honestly the worst and tend to stick out like a sore thumb) and instead, showcase the groups songwriting capabilities.

High Fidelity are a group that has immense potential-- it's easy to see them performing at a punk rock festival like FEST, touring with pop-punk and alternative bands, and truly making a solid name for themselves that spans beyond Madrid. You can watch their music video for "Antolini's Fall Theory" below, and read an interview with the band! 

Q: Who writes the lyrics, and what was the first song that High Fidelity wrote together?

A: Pete: We both write the lyrics. The person who writes the lyrics sings those lyrics. For example, Diego wrote "Lostboi," so he sings in the song. Each one of us had some songs written years ago and then we put them together and gave some ideas to each other.

Diego: The first song Pete wrote was "Antolini’s Fall Theory," but I made the bass lines from the original idea, like the other songs, so at the end we made all of them together. "Sending Our Love (from the Well)" is the only song where lyrics are written by the both of us.

Mario: I have not had the opportunity to write any song yet, because I was the last member to join the group, but I am looking forward to contributing new lyrics.

Q: How did you get involved in the local music scene?

A: Pete: I don’t think there is “a local music scene” mindset-- we go to our friends’ shows, and they come to ours. More than a local music scene, there is a local music genre scene. The pop-punk scene, the metalcore scene, the hardcore scene...But we’d like to see more diversity and support between different genres. We’d like to play with anyone that has an interesting project despite the genre. We have a good friendship with Go The Distance, Upside Down, Rising from the Abyss, and Scratchy Silence.

Diego: I don’t think there is enough money to make live shows properly, and the publicity and support is so bad, so at the end I go to the concerts of bands I know, friends, and bands I play with. I’d like to know new local artists.

Mario: I try to attend all the concerts I can, I really like to meet new bands.

Q: What is your ideal tour package lineup both to watch and to perform with?

A: Pete: For a national line-up I would like to play with My Last Words, Avida Dollars and Anchord, No Regrets, Wild Animals, and I would like to watch a tour with Berri Txarrak, Marvin, even if they broke up, and Avida Dollars, but I would love to play with them too. Depending on my “music mood” I would like to watch or play a punk rock lineup with The Flatliners, Descendents, The Wonder Years or an alternative lineup with Thrice, Deftones and Taking Back Sunday. We listen to a lot of different music, so it’s so hard to answer.

Diego: I would like to play with national bands like My Last Words, Bullit, G.A.S. Drummers and No More Lies, and I would like to watch a tour with Berri Txarrak and Thrice. Nowadays I think we fit better with bands like The Wonder Years, Four Year Strong and New Found Glory, but I would be amazing to play with Death Cab for Cutie, Thursday and Björk. What a mix!

Mario: I would love to play with dozens of alternative groups from my country, out of Spain. I would love to play with The Flatliners, The Menzingers, Direct Hit, Thrice, Biffy Clyro, Foo Fighters, Hot Water Music, Propagandhi, NOFX, Jimmy Eat World and hundreds of impressive bands. I will not stop dreaming with it.

Q: What was the first concert that you attended?

A: Pete: I think it was Sum 41 with No Regrets, a punk rock band from Valencia. I didn’t know No Regrets, but I fell in love with them and their energy.

Diego: Mine was Green Day on their 21st Century Breakdown World Tour, with the Italian punk rock band Belladonna. It was amazing but they didn’t play my favorite song, "When I Come Around." Luckily they played it the other times they’ve been here.

Mario: I was 18 years old and it was a festival with System of a Down, Incubus, The Prodigy, Clutch...it was awesome!

Q: Stay True To Yourself has a solid variety vocal wise and music wise -- moving forward, do you see your sound evolving, or have you found your true style?

A: Pete: We keep searching for our true style so we want to evolve as musicians and writers, making something fresh, new and original that will make us fulfilled, despite whatever people could think.

Diego: Our roots come from punk rock, but we want to fall into the unknown, maybe more experimental, and aggressive feelings. I don’t think I could be writing pop-punk music my whole life.

Mario: We are very happy with the result of the album, and the truth is that we have many ideas in mind for the next album. I think it will be a deeper, more intense and energetic album, but right now we have to keep playing to have an excellent live sound.

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