Pumpkinseed // Interview



With Pumpkinseed's new album release approaching (it drops on June 15th, ya'll!), I had the opportunity to chat with vocalist / guitarist Daniel Gardner about how the album came together, influential artists, tour plans, and more!

We gave Big Believin' Sky a spin last week-- click
here to hear our thoughts on the album.

Q: With band members living in both Nashville and Cookeville, what was the writing process like for Big Believin' Sky?  

A: Well, during the time those songs were getting written and fleshed out, I was living in Cookeville for a stretch and our drummer was the only one living in Nashville. It was still pretty intense and difficult for us because it was the first time I was playing (and writing) on piano and we had added two members since the last album. So it was more of a challenge traversing the dualism of being excited to have more members to expand song ideas with, but also, in some instances, not being sure what to even do with those guys. Ha!

Q: Pumpkinseed have shared the stage in Nashville with well known artists such as AJJ -- moving forward, what artists would you love to tour with? 

A: I have two that I'd really love to tour with.

Skyway Man-- I opened for them at a house show in Cookeville last year and I just saw them play a bunch of wildly catchy new stuff at their Liquid Landing Test residency.

Also Adam Faucett. I saw him play a show four years ago and have been a huge fan ever since. Over the past few years, through touring, we've become pals and he's about to drop the record of the century next month.

Q: Your sound is certainly unique and not run of the mill rock and roll. What artists inspire and influence you on a daily basis? 

A: For this album in particular, we were all pretty happy to make something out parents would actually enjoy. Lots of CCR, Allman Brothers, and Van Morrison influence. The biggest for me personally would be discovering Judee Sill around the time I started writing for Big Believin' Sky. She's definitely my favorite person to ever write songs. But on a daily basis, John Grant, Mishka Shubaly, and Queen as of late.

Q: What's your personal favorite track off of the new album and why? 

A: The last track, "State of Tennessee" -- one of the few songs I've ever written as a character. Some guy who's running from the police and and is about to give in; possibly about to have an old fashioned shoot out. It's all pretty cartoony but it definitely comes from a real place of not having my life together when I wrote it.

Plus, the instrumentation is wild. It was the last thing we did in the studio, and at the last minute we just let all these ideas go: gang vocals, dueling guitar solos, a wild vocal solo. I think it's definitely a high point for us so far. At least on record.

Q:  Your record release show is coming up next month at the 5 spot here in Nashville. Aside from that, are there any major cities that you're planning on hitting up for shows in the next few months? 

A: We toured a lot...well a lot for us, last year. We've basically taken off from that in 2018 to focus on the record and to try to play Nashville as much as possible. We'll be going out again for a proper tour this fall. Always excited to play St. Louis, Little Rock, and Atlanta. We're gonna be covering a whole lot of new territory with this one though, so I'm excited to get to some new spots and eat some weird stuff.

Q: What's one thing that you want new listeners to know about your new album?

A: That it's by far the best thing we've ever done and that I wish it was our debut. Also to not get too comfortable with it cause the next one will be nothing like it and the one after that will be nothing like either of em.

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