Feature Friday: Daisy Maude

Written by Hanna Branch

Arizona based solo artist Daisy Maude released her new single “Volcano” on March 22nd, and has another song, “Pretend,” coming out the end of April. Maude uses her unique surroundings and upbringing as inspiration for her music, taking the world around her and mixing it into her songs.

Her lyrics are full of emotion that tell vivid stories while her soft yet powerful vocals suit her musical style. Before making music a full-time passion, Maude trained for the Olympics in biking. Her new adventure in singing and songwriting is still new, yet seems to come easily.

“Volcano” talks about how a new love can be overwhelming and scary yet exciting all at the same time. Sometimes we feel as though we might hurt the person we love, hence the imagery of a volcano exploding, yet that same mountain can be beautiful. Maude uses this metaphor in a unique way while also using her knowledge of where she grew up to tell this story.

Maude’s edgy voice, paired with her catchy lyrics and sound, will have anyone dancing and singing along with her in no time. Her style is great for any occasion or playlist for that matter. Give “Volcano” a listen and read our interview where we talk inspiration, pursuing music full time, and more!


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Q: Your single “Volcano” has a pop/electric sound to it. How would you describe your sound to those who may have never listened to you before?

A: I guess I’d like to describe my music as a chocolate covered potato chip: kind of strange, hopefully sweet and fun, but definitely pretty salty at times. Growing up, I was so obsessed with Ella Fitzgerald but also entranced with the flow of rap. So while I’m ultra pop, I do try to infuse some jazziness or hip hop type elements in my music. 

Q: I’ve read that your surroundings have a heavy influence in your music. What impact has the environment around you had on your life and music?

A: Yes, I’m extremely influenced by my surroundings…so much so that it’s often a problem. That said, a lot of my experiences come from being outside. Getting lost past dark in the Sonoran Desert on my Mountain bike, trying to navigate through almost zero visibility on my snowboard, or even being chased down by a crazed coyote (rabid) in my backyard are the types of things that really inspired me. The lessons of perseverance, strength, and gratitude that I have learned through all of this have had a massive impact on my worldview.  

Q: What made you decide to go into music after years of Mountain Bike Racing and even Olympic training camps, and what was that transition like?

A: Jumping totally into music at the expense of seriously training on the mountain bike was such a difficult decision. I will always be a mountain biker at heart and look forward to doing some more racing soon. That said, when it came down to it I had to choose between two loves.

There are times I am conflicted within myself for taking the path I’m on, but deep down I know it’s the right one. I tend to say that music can be like being in an unhealthy relationship. It is very jealous and controlling, demands all my attention, drives my family and friends crazy, and even constantly wakes me up at 2 AM, but I am madly in love with it and know I’m never going to let it go.

Q: I hear you have another new song coming out very soon! What was that writing process like? And is the new song similar to what you’ve already released?

A: The next single is one I’m really happy to get out there! It’s being released on April 26th. This one will definitely feel a lot more lighthearted and smiley than "Volcano."  “Pretend,” my upcoming song, is really about friendship.

I was inspired by a friend of mine in Arizona who actually had a “Shark Themed Wedding” (yes, it was baller). I got to be the maid of honor and whilst planning the bachelorette party..at the “Aquarium...in Arizona” …I realized that if she was “normal” (i.e traditional wedding) she probably wouldn’t have anything to do with me. Maybe that’s what makes a true friend? Someone who is as weird as you are? Anyways, this song, like others, I wrote with Krysta Youngs and Davy Nathan. Davy produced it and it was mixed by DJ Swivel. I came to the session with the chorus and the rest just seemed to flow because it was something so close to home.  

Q: What are your hopes for the coming years? Any plans to tour soon?

A: Yes, I will keep you posted on upcoming show plans. I’ve been immersing myself in production and even DJ'ing, so that will be a factor in my new music/shows soon as well.

One massive goal of mine would be to make a song that a fighter (possibly UFC) uses as their walk out song. I know that sounds random, but there is such expectation, tension, excitement and heaviness to that moment…it seems like such a thrill.  Also another goal would be to be a “go to" artist for a specific emotion. You know those artists we turn to when we are in desperate need of someone who will relate with us…even when we are wrong? I’d strive to be considered one of those artists as well.

Another random hope I have outside of music is training my Newfoundland puppy, she is so sassy.  She is scaring me. I worry I will end up with a crazed 150 pound puppy.

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