Feature Friday: Del Schueler

Written by Kayla Albee


Del Schueler

Songs are born from ideas and memories, be it a passing daydream, real life experience, or story passed down from generation to generation. In any case, having a solid foundation to base your writing off of is crucial. In Del Schueler’s case, storytelling is essentially second nature as she grew up in a musical family and has been writing since childhood.

Del Schueler currently attends Belmont University in Nashville where she majors in songwriting. Del takes a strong creative approach to her songwriting style, and her latest single, “Kiss You At The Red Light,” has a fun and playful nature, making this single perfect for Valentine’s Day weekend. “Kiss You At The Red Light” showcases Del’s gentle yet commanding vocals, and is supported by a whimsical pop beat.

We chatted with Del about her upcoming EP, the inspiration behind her new single, performing with Hunter Hayes, and more. Continue reading below to learn more about Del and to listen to “Kiss You At The Red Light”!


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Q: Your EP “One Thing Right” is due out later this year. What can listeners expect from the EP in terms of lyrical inspiration?

A: My EP One Thing Right is also the title song which was inspired by the love story of a childhood friend. My other songs are stories inspired by my own personal experiences from the excitement of new love to heartbreak to finding true love and lessons learned along the way. I am a storyteller who uses universal lyrics to make songs relatable to everyone. 

Q: When writing "Kiss You at the Red Light," what were the first lyrics to fall into place and how did they shape the song as a whole? 

A: The first words that came about were the words of the title. I had this idea of kissing at the red light for a while and I had a song due for one of my classes that had to have a color in the title, so I revisited this idea and the song was born! 

Q: Since you are currently attending Belmont University here in Nashville, what would you say is the most important thing you've learned when it comes to writing? 

A: At Belmont we are taught to write what you know. We write about the hardest truths we have, because those songs are the most vulnerable and you can feel the power that comes from that vulnerability. 

Q: Towards the end of 2018 you had the amazing opportunity to open for Hunter Hayes. What was that experience like? 

 A: Opening up for Hunter Hayes was an incredible experience. He was so vulnerable and laid back and we really got to see the real person and not just a celebrity. All of the money raised went to Children’s Miracle Network Hospital which is so special to me. Having the opportunity to perform with such amazing talent while helping to raise over $60,000 for children in need was humbling.

Q: What's something unique that you'd like people to know about you that sets you apart from what could be viewed as an over saturation in the Music City scene?

A: I think what sets me apart is that I don’t write just one genre. Being a songwriting major at Belmont, we are encouraged to write all different genres and so far I have written pop, country, jazz, and even a Christmas song. I can create and write stories with any genre I choose. I let the idea of the song decide what genre it wants to be. I think I’m good at combining lyrics with the sound of the song and the feeling reflected from the lyrics.

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