FELICITY // Feature Friday

Written by: Kayla Lee



Label: Penultimate Records

Photo: Sare Lucas Photography

FELICITY hit the Florida scene in 2013 and have continued to deliver well crafted melodic pop punk jams while pushing their limits and perfecting their signature style ever since. The band has earned the title of 2014 UCF Battle of the Bands Champion, 2014 + 2016 Ernie Ball Van's Warped Tour Orlando winner, and 2017 Fort Rock Festival winner. They had the opportunity to perform at the Vans Warped Rewind at Sea this past October, which is just what it sounds like -- a Warped Tour themed cruise!

FELICITY is made up of vocalist Damien Fagiolino, guitarists Andrew Rapier and Cory Comly, bassist Mike Alosa, and drummer Tyler Dennett and draws inspiration from bands like A Day To Remember and Four Year Strong while expanding on their own personal style that they've worked with producer Andrew Wade (ADTR, Issues, and more) to perfect. Their hard work has paid off -- on June 15 they announced that they've signed with Penultimate Records. 

Their 2017 single "Weekend Warrior" is chock full of brutally honest lyrics that detail the familiar feelings of being completely over the 9 to 5 life. Taking control of the course of your future is the message behind the music, which is driven by high energy chords (you'll likely catch the hints of ADTR circa 2009 that peak through as the song progresses.) Closing with the question "Why didn't I put my interests first?" this song can get the gears turnings towards making choices that align with your goals, rather than staying in the same old cycle.  

FELICITY's second 2017 single, "Circles" is a bit heavier and follows in the vein of their 2016 EP Brace Yourself! thanks to the vocal exploration that track provides. The addition of rough vocals play off of the pounding drums in this percussion heavy song. 

Their most recent single "The City Beautiful" is a sing along worthy track that rides the wave of 2000's pop punk summer anthems, while bursting at the seams with killer hooks and city-specific lyrics. Compared to the bands previous releases, "The City Beautiful" shows FELICITY's musical maturity while still staying true to their roots. 

You can watch FELICITY's music video for "The City Beautiful" and read an interview with vocalist Damien below where we talk about their upcoming EP, making it in DIY, and more! 

Q: Congratulations on recently signing with Penultimate Records! How does it feel to be on the same label as artists that you've looked up to over the years?

A: Signing with Penultimate Records has been a dream come true. We’ve worked so hard over these past 5 years grinding and hustling and to have a label that believes in what you are trying to accomplish and wants to help you succeed is amazing! To be on a label with bands such as Forever Came Calling and Handguns makes us feel all the more excited about the future and we certainly have big plans for what we can achieve together.

Q: You're set to release a new EP later this year -- what can we expect from this EP that we haven't heard from FELICITY before? 

A: High energy songs with catchy melodies that will hopefully have you singing at the top of your lungs! I think we have managed to grow as songwriters the most. We have learned so much from working with our producer Andrew Wade, who is an amazing songwriter in his own accord. We ALWAYS want to top what we have previously released. We truly feel that we are about to release the best music we have ever written.

Q: You had the opportunity to perform has the Vans Warped Rewind at Sea this past October. What was the experience like, and how does it compare to Van's Warped Tour? 

A: It was such an amazing experience and we were so honored to be selected. It was like a mini Warped Tour on a ship, and you just never wanted the party to end. The most unreal moment for us was getting to play the main stage of Warped Rewind at Sea and having Dan Marsala (Lead Singer of Story of the Year) join us on stage for a tribute to Chester Bennington and Linkin Park. UNREAL!

Q: What artists would you love to share the stage with in the future? 

A: We’ve had the opportunity to share the stage with so many amazing artists and we are extremely humbled by that. That being said we would love to share the stage with the guys in Four Year Strong, they have so much energy and we are OBSESSED with their guitar work, it would be a blast! 

Q: You've been referred to as "DIY Warped Tour Champs" by Rock Sound magazine. What advice do you have for other musicians who are just getting started in regards to navigating the DIY scene + making connections? 

A: I guess the best advice would be to actively find avenues to promote yourself and never stop grinding and hustling despite all the obstacles in your way. We never said “no” to a show, there was weeks we were playing 3+ shows a week and we didn’t even have music recorded. We refused to turn down any opportunity, and 5 years later that work ethic has definitely paid off!

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