FEST Feature Friday: Little Teeth

Written by Kayla Albee

Happy Friday! We’re back again for our third installment of our FEST themed Feature Friday series. For this week’s interview, we chatted with Cory Call, the vocalist / guitarist of Munich based punk rock band Little Teeth.

Little Teeth are getting ready to release their debut album, Redefining Home, towards the end of next month. As part of their debut release, they’ll have some limited edition cassette tapes - there will only be 50 available! This four piece, made up of Cory Call, Jason S. Thompson, Max Philipp, and Bastian Wegner, will be performing at FEST in the beginning of November, and have already released two singles, “Thinning Out” and “Avondale,” which you can stream down below.

Continue reading to learn more about the band’s formation, favorite ways to enjoy music in a digital age, tips for first time FEST attendees, and more!


Q: Your debut album, Redefining Home, is set to be released this fall. Since multiple members of Little Teeth have been in previous bands, what was the dynamic like throughout the writing and recording process?

A: Everyone came to the table with different influences and experiences, which was a cool way to do it.  Me and Jason, both being American and touring heavy in the states. Bastian toured a lot in his old bands.  And Max, playing bass in another hard working band as well, is wide eyed and in love with all things music so his enthusiasm has really pushed us.

The writing process was pretty natural. Someone would come with a riff or something. And the songs just came together naturally. It was like all our influences just seemed to melt together into Little Teeth. Recording was a lot of work. We actually demoed out the album three times before actually booking a studio. So by the time we officially tracked the album it was pretty smooth. Just a lot of late nights with too many beers. 

Q: “Thinning Out” is the leading single from Redefining Home. How did you decide to use this track as the debut single? 

A: Honestly, I just love that song the most. It came out really awesome in the studio and kind of represented the general vibe of the whole record. A song about redemption through living a life in bars. Wanted to lead off with something positive I guess..

Q: You’ll have a limited amount of Redefining Home cassette tapes available. There’s certainly a nostalgic aspect that comes with cassettes. What is your personal favorite way to experience music - digital, vinyl, or tape, and why? 

A: I personally prefer vinyl... but it’s a lot of work and I’m a really messy person so a vinyl night, while enjoyable, always involves a lot of drinking and me never putting records in their jackets and having a huge mess in the morning. But digital is probably the way all of us enjoy it the most. It’s easy and fast. I know it kind of fucks over bands so I try to use things like Spotify as a way to discover new bands and then make sure to catch those bands at a show and buy the vinyl - works out that way. Tapes are cool. I have tons of them.... and no cassette player. Do they still make those? 

Q: While members of Little Teeth have previously been in bands based out of the states, how did you all come to meet and form a band in Germany? 

A: It’s actually pretty cool. Me and Jason both became friends thru touring in the states. The Sky We Scrape and Arliss Nancy toured together back in 2013. And we became super tight from there. Jason ended up taking a job that led him to Munich and I was thinking “well, who knows when I’ll see you again.” I was on an acoustic tour in Germany with MakeWar and that’s when I got together with my wife. Crazy that Jason and I ended up in the same city across the world.

So the band kind of started as an ‘ex-pat’ weekly drinking thing with guitars. Believe it or not, it’s pretty hard to live in a country with a different language. So the two of us would meet up and talk about life, and music, and homesickness, and the impossibility of learning German while jamming a bit. And songs really started to form. We had like ideas for two or three when we realized it needed to be a band. We both knew Max from FEST and seeing him around at shows so we asked him to play bass. And the internet led us to Bastian. And that was it — immediately felt like a band. Like not just that it’s four people making music.... but buddies I actually want to cram into a small van with for long periods of time. 

Q: You’ll be traveling to the US from Germany to perform at FEST, and a large amount of the festivals attendees travel from out of the country. Do you have any tips for people who may be attending FEST for the first time, and feeling nervous about traveling solo?  

A: Ha. Drink water. Drink tons of beer. But drink some water here and there. Eat at Flacos, especially vegan/vegetarian friends. I missed last year, but two years ago they even had a cup you could buy for 10 bucks and it came with unlimited refills of PBR. I think I drank 100. Don’t drink in the parking garage - had to run from cops too many times to justify the dollar kiosk beers. Bring earplugs, and watch out for yourself and buddies.

Q: With this being Little Teeth’s first year as part of the FEST line up, what are you most looking forward to when it comes to the festival? 

A: It’s literally my favorite time of the year. I always say where a lot of people have religion and their holidays, this is like the holiday for punk kids. It’s like Christmas, but way more fun. So as much as I love all the bands this year, I’m so excited to see so many friends. I always love bumping into people I met thru tour or at FEST every year, and following them to the band that they say I have to check out. And shitty American beer — this German beer is gross after a while. I never thought I’d say it, but I’d die for a PBR over here.  

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