Feature Friday: Josh Olsen

Written by Hanna Branch

Texas native Josh Olsen is certainly no stranger to the music industry. Olsen began his career writing music for other artists, and eventually found himself on X-Factor back in 2012. From there, he started writing his own music to perform himself and made the huge move out to L.A. to follow his dream.

Having grown up around music halls and concert stages, Olsen sounds confident in both the lyrics he sings and the sounds he creates. Olsen leans towards a pop/R&B style despite growing up around country influences. His most recent release, “Bad Things,” exhibits his strong sense of writing and highlights his unique voice.

“Bad Things” describes how although many relationships have positive elements to them, some also hide not-so-wonderful times. People in these scenarios might see the bad things going on, but want to find the best in their significant other. The music video for this single is highly unique, as it begins with Olsen being thrown into the back of a car by none other than his doppelgänger. This second-Olsen tries to break him from his bad habits showing him that what’s going on is wrong. The visual elements and contrast from bright blues and pinks to black complement the song beautifully.

I had the chance to speak to Josh Olsen about growing up in Texas and moving to the West Coast, what his inspiration is for his upcoming EP, and more! Continue reading below to learn more about Josh, and to watch the music video for “Bad Things.”

Q: I read that you were part of X-Factor back in 2012. That sounds like an extremely amazing opportunity! Did you learn much from that experience? If so, what was the most important lesson you took from that?

A: I learned so much! I think the main thing I learned was how much I really wanted to do music at that level all the time.

Q: Texas is a wonderful state full of rich culture. How do you think being from such a large, interesting place has influenced you as an artist overall?

A: Growing up in a small country town in Texas, the main type of music I listened to and was surrounded by was country. I think Texas has actually influenced me to take interest in other musical genres that were different from what everyone else around me liked. I ended up being really interested in pop culture, and dreamed of moving to the big city of LA very early on.

Q: You released your new single, "Bad Things," back in May. What sort of message or story are you hoping listeners to gain from the song?

A: I really just hope that the song meets everyone where they are at in life, and that they can relate to it. The song is about the internal struggle with ourselves in a relationship. No matter how much we try to escape the bad aspects in a relationship, something inside us always has a way of making us realize when it’s toxic and we need to get out.

Q: I know you've been gearing up to release your EP, which is super exciting! What kind of sounds or stories did you explore when writing for it?

A: This EP was definitely inspired by my past relationships. I love experimenting with sounds and including organic elements like guitar and piano with some electronic sounds.

Q: Has moving to Los Angeles changed your view on the music industry in any way? What positives have you seen from the move?

A: Moving to LA didn’t change my view of the industry, but it did make me realize that you are the only one that going to make your dreams happen, and you have to be careful with who you put your trust in. Not everyone has your best interest [at heart]. The positives have far out weighed the negatives. I’ve been able to meet some extremely talented people that have inspired me to keep pushing forward. I think the main thing is just the amount of personal growth that has happened in my life by pushing myself to get out of Texas, and just be comfortable being uncomfortable at times to make my dreams reality.

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