Kid You Not // FEST Feature Friday

Written by: Kayla Lee

Did you know that there are only 45 days left until FEST? That is, if you're reading this on September 11, 2017. It's getting close!

With that being said, we're excited to introduce you to yet another FEST band who we hope that you'll enjoy. Meet Kid You Not, a four piece band from St. Augustine, FL. With having just recently signed to Deep Elm Records (joining Latterman, The Appleseed Cast, and more), they have a brand new album coming out on September 29th. You can listen to their single, "Me And Dead Owls Don't Give A Hoot" along with a short album preview, here.  You can also listen to the full album on September 29th. In the meantime, check out our album review below, as well as a quick fire FEST interview with Justin Pritchard, bassist for Kid You Not. 

Album review written by J.M

Artist: Kid You Not

Album: Never A Dull Movement

Release Date: September 29, 2017

Label: Deep Elm Records

Florida-based melodic punk band Kid You Not's full-length album Never A Dull Movement feels like the quintessential concert experience, sweaty and loud and singing until your voice cracks in a crowd of bodies-- and is reflected perfectly by the band's bio: "We write songs to sing along to at the top of your lungs. We’re just having fun with this."

With the instrumentals and vocal melodies remaining consistent throughout, most of the songs ride on the lyrics which strike such an honest, no bullshit chord that the listener can't help but relate and react on an emotional level. "Me and Dead Owls Don't Give a Hoot" sets up the tone for the rest of the album with the lyrics: "We've set our sights on something better / there's no need to explain / but we've lost our place in things we've set in motion / we can't deal with the change / and we've lost our way back home."

Although the tracks displays similarities throughout the album, "You Know What I Like About Rich Kids? Nothing!" brings in a noticeably different melody to shake things up. While there is a similar theme throughout, each song appeals so well to a sense of raw energy, emotion, and anger-verging-on-hope that instead of being monotonous, it's a pleasure to listen to. 

An album that is created for energetic live performances, Never a Dull Movement is fun, gritty, and full of a pure energy that will invigorate the listener and create a vibrant experience for audiences. Fans old and new will be excited to hear what's next for Kid You Not after listening to their full-length album. 

Check out Kid You Not's Bandcamp to hear their previous releases, as well as listen to a single from their newest album. 

If you'll be at FEST this year, you can watch Kid You Not perform at Durty Nelly's on Sunday, October 29. Keep an eye on the schedule as last minute updates are bound to happen, and check out the full lineup here

We asked Justin Pritchard, bassist for Kid You Not, a few FEST related questions and got to learn more about their new album. Check out his answers below! 

Q: What sets FEST apart from other music festivals?

A: I think it's most likely been said to death, but what sets FEST apart from any other musical festival is the sense of community. There's not a single other event that is more inviting and accepting of everyone. People make plans to attend just on the basis of having a good time, making new friends, reconnecting with those befriended from the years past, and being accepted as just the individual that they are.

FEST fans throw any judgement out the window, and embrace every single attendee as their own. There's no "cool kids club" because the whole event in itself is the every-kids club.

Q: With "Never A Dull Movement" coming out at the end of September, we'd love to know-- where does Kid You Not draws inspiration for writing from?

A: With "Never A Dull Movement" we drew inspiration from just growing up, and looking back on our lives. The good, the bad, the joy, the heartbreak. Musically, we took influences most people hear in our music - Latterman, Iron Chic, Jawbreaker, Hot Water Music - and just expanded on it.

Those influences, which were heavy in our first EPs, are still there but this records show even more growth into our own sound. We just hope people enjoy it as much as we do. We're extremely proud of how this record came out.

Q: What are you the most excited about for FEST?

A: We're most excited this year about playing these new songs. When we played FEST last year, we had been playing those songs for quite a while. This time, it will be the first time some of these new songs have been provided in a live setting. We are excited to share these with people.

You can stay up to date with Kid You Not on Facebook