Letters To Part // Feature Friday

Written by: Hanna Branch


Letters To Part

Album: A Human Curse

Release date: July 7, 2017

Label: Wilhelm Records

Letters To Part began in 2012 with the release of their first EP and found their full makeup in 2015 with the addition of their second drummer. Letters to Part are an alternative ambient band based out of Orlando, Florida with their hometown being Coral Springs, Florida. The band is made up of Y’shua Ortiz Escobedo, Dustyn Murphy, Hunter Gelsen, and Chris Ramos and they're signed to Wilhelm Records. Their album A Human Curse recently turned a year old having been released last July, with the hopes of new music in the near future. The band pulls influences from HRVRD, Circa Survive, and Dredg.

The single off the album, “Richard Scary,” gives listeners a good idea of what to expect from the band. Y’shua, the singer, has a voice that works perfectly with the instruments in a way that wouldn’t be expected with the first listen. Lyrics like “What did we learn from this?” and “What do we make of this?” show the more vulnerable side of the song while also hiding behind the heavier drums. This song questions a relationship and whether it is really worth it to continue the way they are.

Letters To Part recently released a music video for “Richard Scary” and it is beautiful to say the least. The video is ruled by the changing bright colors from red to blue to purple. Then, we are given a few scenes of natural light and a beautiful landscape. The video works perfectly with the song as the lead singer moves through the story line, asking himself the questions mentioned above. The story line is broken up throughout the video, keeping the viewer interested until the very end. You can watch the music video below, and continue reading to check out an interview with the band where we talk future plans, the message behind the EP, and more!

Q: Your album A Human Curse turned a year old the other day. Is there any new music in the works?

A: Yes there is! We just finished our last tour for the year and wanted to take this time to truly focus on writing. We have a couple of songs completed and we’re super excited to record soon.

Q: Where do you get inspiration for songs past and present?

A: A lot of inspiration came from heartbreak and death of a loved one.  Now it’s from anything really.

Q: Is there any specific message you would like people to get out of your already released album, and is there a certain tone or message you would like to explore with any possible new music?

A: The set message from our last album was to suffer. By suffer I mean hit rock bottom. Because only then can you grow from your mistakes. Which ultimately became the album’s message. Our new album I feel is about acknowledgement and about everything and everyone. So many of us are living in a state of panic, walking around like zombies of technology and never truly valuing the beauty around us.

Q: Do you have any plans to tour more?  If so, what’s one place (city or venue) you’d love to play at?

A: We have plans next year to push new music and tour like crazy. We’d love to play over the pond with some of our friends in Europe. Overall we’re excited for a lot of shows in 2019.

Q: What other bands or artists do you draw from?

A: I personally love ambient guitar work and haunting melodies. I’d say a lot of Tides of Man and Circa Survive.

Q: What are some bands or artists you’d like to tour with in the future?

A:  Personally, I’d love to tour with Emery, Artifex Pereo, and As Cities Burn.

Q:  What would you like to achieve as a band in the coming months or years?

A:  Just more touring and genuine fans.

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