L.I.F.T // Interview

West coast four piece L.I.F.T (Love In Future Times) have recently performed on the Vans Warped Tour, and are set to perform with Fall Out Boy this September. Fun fact: the group is signed to Pete Wentz's label, DCD2. We had the chance to chat with vocalist Austin Arthur and guitarist Reuben Pearl about their Warped Tour experience, the behind the scenes aspect of making it in the music world, and more! Check out their answers below. 

Q: Congrats on being part of the final full cross country Vans Warped Tour! What was that experience like, both on and off the stage? 

A: It was an honor to be able to play and be part of the last Vans Warped Tour. We grew up in the pop punk / emo scene in San Diego and spent years promoting at and enjoying the festival. It was amazing being able to see behind the scenes of the tour, as it had always been a mystery to us as fans. The crowds there are some of the most genuine and candid lovers of live music that we’ve met and we feel like we’ve made new fans and friends for life. Thank you having us :) 

Q: You've had quite the exciting year so far, and you'll be playing a few shows with Fall Out Boy and Machine Gun Kelly in September. What behind the scenes work goes into getting to where you're currently at that aspiring musicians may overlook?

A: If you’re not dependent on anyone else and you focus on your art, good opportunities will present themselves organically with time. We feel that the law of attraction is a huge factor in the music industry and that if you plan to be successful then the opportunities to become so will arise. 

Q: Your music is self described as "hip hop emo." When writing, how do you find the balance between the two genres to create your signature sound?

A: Our music is described as emo/hip hop from a third person standpoint in contemporary music. We don’t necessarily aim for a specific sound, we take influence from our eclectic music taste and the variety of artists that we listen to. 

Q: With AUTOP$Y having been released just last month, what has the response to the EP been so far? 

A: Most people, we’ve found, comment on the versatility of the EP. The response to AUTOP$Y has been good. We are excited to release more content soon. 

Q: "LOCKED UP" is a track that jumps out to me. What was the inspiration behind that track, specifically the lines " Misogynistic politics / Hours a day every day of the week / They limit my writing, my freedom of speech"?

A: This song has nothing to do with politics. We wrote "LOCKED UP" more than a year ago when our connections in the music industry were expecting us to write music in a certain way. In this time we felt trapped and pigeon holed into creating what was expected of us. "LOCKED UP" draws light on feeling trapped and lost and is about breaking free. 

Q: What's one thing that you want people to know about your music if they're listening for the first time?  

A: Nothing.

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