Quinn Cicala // FEST Feature Friday

Written by: Kayla Lee

Welcome to our third weekly FEST feature! This week's artist is Myrtle Beach, SC based acoustic folk / punk artist Quinn Cicala. With having multiple releases under their belt, Quinn Cicala's music takes you by the hand and invites you on a behind the scenes journey through the inner workings of his personal life and self musings. 

With only four months in between Quinn Cicala's October 2016 release House Above An Apartment and February 2017's Dream I Had, the lyrical development is evident, while the DIY vibe from the first release, although a bit toned downed, is still present and very much appreciated.

 House Above An Apartment features tracks that are simplistic, with Quinn's vocals carrying the majority of the compositions. Dream I Had offers a full band accompaniment, which adds an additional layer to the music.

"Dreams", the second track on Dream I Had, is a bit of an emotionally jarring lyrical experience, featuring the lines: "But I am bright / and I will hopefully live my life the way that any person would understand / but this dream I had was so intense / that I lived a lifetime within my own mind /but then my dream died / and then my mind died / and then she died / and then I died."

"August 2015", also on Dream I Had, explores the common, suppressed fear that is shared by all: "And every map that I read / is just a waste of my time / it's all places that I'll never see / 'Cause I'll never go anywhere / but my work and home."

Quinn's lyrical content at times seems light hearted on the surface based on his delivery. However, once you dive beneath the surface and immerse yourself in the words, you will find that these lyrics are extracted from emotionally raw situations and experiences while paying homage to those specific, snap-shot moments that are now frozen in time. 

Quinn Cicala has also released an album titled Callalily in 2014, a September 2015 and June 2016 demo, and a split with City Mouth and Cloud District in March 2017. Their FEST set is at The Boxcar on Saturday, October 28, 2017 at 3:10 PM. You can view the entire FEST schedule here

Left to right

Cover of House Above An Apartment, Quinn Cicala & band (photo credit: Jak Kerley), cover of Dream I Had

I asked Quinn our set of FEST related questions-- check it out below! 

Q: What do you believe sets FEST apart from other music festivals? 

A: The DIY aspect included is certainly what sets FEST apart. It seems FEST goes out of their way to book bands that are traveling the country playing basements and houses, and that's how FEST has such a unique group of people and the best bands.

Q: What protip do you have for first time FEST-ers?

A: Catch up on your rest at night!! It's very easy to get run down.

Q: What's your favorite part about FEST?

A: My favorite part about FEST is running into people I know from all over the country on just a few streets in Gainesville.

Q: Is it true that FEST friends are best friends?

A: Absolutely!

Q: What are you the most excited about for this years FEST?

A: I'm just really excited to play and I'm excited to watch friend's bands play too and watch them succeed. I'm also stoked to see bands I've loved for years like Into It. Over It. and Walter etc.

You can listen to Quinn Cicala's music on Spotify and Bandcamp

You can stay up to date with Quinn Cicala on Facebook, and catch their set at FEST