Skyward Story // Feature Friday

Written by: Hanna Branch

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Skyward Story

Album: Reborn

Release date: January 18, 2019

If you attended one of the many dates for the last full country run of the Vans Warped Tour last summer, there’s a good chance you encountered local, and small bands in full-grind mode, trying to persuade people to watch their sets. One of these incredibly hard working bands is Skyward Story. The Baltimore based, pop/rock trio wowed attendees and left them wanting more. They certainly left their mark and gained new fans along the way.

Now, only months after their run on the Vans Warped Tour, Skyward Story have been busy gearing up for their next album, Reborn, which was released this morning. The leading single, “Trading Secrets", is a clear pop punk banger. The band worked with legendary producer Matt Squire (Ariana Grande, Good Charlotte, One Direction) to perfect their new album, and their hard work has paid off. Their previous album, Slow Me Down, debuted on several national charts.  

As someone who was fortunate enough to catch Skyward Story’s set last summer, I highly suggest giving the band a listen for yourself. Their music is catchy while also being able to stand out from the crowd. Band members, Brandon, Aaron, and Scott, give their all for each performance, no matter the size of the crowd.  Continue reading to watch the music video for “Trading Secrets” and to check out an interview with the band where talk about their time on Warped Tour, their recent successes, and the upcoming album!


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Q: You guys were recently on the Vans Warped Tour. What was that experience like as a whole? Did you have a different mindset going into the tour knowing it was going to be the last full country run?

A: (Brandon) This was the third time we did Warped Tour and probably the most exciting time. There were a lot of emotions floating around this tour with it being the last one but everyone was so happy to be a part of it and it was so incredible. We didn’t really have a different mindset for this one, but for Warped you just have to power through because you don’t sleep very much and you’re outside in the heat all day…it’s completely unique from any other tour.

Q: How did being a part of such a large tour (Warped Tour) impact the band?

A: (Aaron) We were getting tons of new fans every day just from being there which was so cool to see. We would spend a good bit of the day promoting and telling everyone our set time and then suddenly we would have 100 people at our stage that had never heard of us before. The only place that can happen every day is Warped Tour.

Q: I know you guys were very recently on Idobi Radio. So first off, congratulations for such an amazing opportunity!  What was that experience like?

A: (Scott) Idobi is great, we love everyone there. We were thrilled to have a couple singles from this album debut on their streams! That’s another outlet that really helps spread our music to new people.

Q: At the end of December, you released a new song and you have an album coming out very soon. What was the recording process like for the album and how did it differ from recording a single song?

A: (Aaron) Yeah our last single was called “Trading Secrets” and we put out a music video for that one soon after the release which you can find on YouTube! We spent more time on creating this album than any other one we’ve done in the past. It consisted of probably six months of us writing music together and then another month in the studio with our producer Matt Squire to cut it down to 10 songs and make those the best they could be.

Q: Continuing with the new album, what is each of the member's favorite song and why?

A: (Aaron) “Stellar Collision” has become my favorite since recording, I just really like the flow of the song and the lyrics are the most unique on the album.

(Scott) Ever since we started writing for the album, “Smile” has been my favorite. It encapsulates the sound of the album better than any other song and it never fails to make me smile when we’re playing it.

(Brandon) I’m going to go with “Autumn” because those are some of my favorite lyrics I’ve ever written and it’s a very personal song. It’s also our longest song and is the ballad of the album.

Q: You guys are also currently on a small tour. What are your hopes going forward in respect to touring? (Bands you want to tour with, dream venue to play in, favorite city you want to go back to, etc.)

(Scott) We just hope that we can keep going back out on tour for years to come. Not many bands get to tour for a while so we’re hoping to be able to do that. My dream show would be playing with 5 Seconds of Summer at MSG because it doesn’t get much better than that!

Q: With a growing fanbase and a new album coming out, what do you want listeners to get out of the new songs? Was there a certain topic you explored that you hope fans will be able to relate to?

A: (Aaron) We really want our fans to derive their own meanings from each song. The best part about music is how it can be interpreted differently for every person and every situation. As long as our fans can connect with the songs, then we’ve done our job.  

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