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FEST Feature Friday: Tea Leaf

Tea Leaf, the solo project of singer-songwriter Tom Lee, will be performing an acoustic set at FEST this November in Gainesville, FL. While Tom has performed at FEST in the past as part of the punk band Hora Douse, this will be the first year that he’ll be playing a solo set.

Tea Leaf’s new EP, Motions, was released on September 20th. Continue reading to stream the EP, and check out this week’s interview with Tom Lee where we talk about vulnerability in writing, performing as a solo artist, the FEST community, and more!

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FEST Feature Friday: Cold Wrecks

FEST is six weeks away, and we’re so excited to bring you this week’s Feature Friday interview with Cold Wrecks, an indie punk band that will making their way down to Gainesville, FL this November for the three day festival. In addition to having a packed lineup with new and old artists spanning from acoustic to hardcore / metal, FEST is a three day celebration of everything alternative, and includes stand up comedy as well as wresting!

Cold Wrecks is based out of Brooklyn, and is made up of vocalist / guitarist Mike Vizzi, guitarist Matan Uchen, bassist / vocalist Craig Shay, and drummer CJ Dunaieff. With New York City being known for churning out fast paced, authentic punk rock, Cold Wrecks capture that trademark, East Coast authenticity full force on their latest album, This Could Be Okay.

We chatted with Mike Vizzi about the importance of mental health in music, Brooklyn’s local music scene, and FEST essentials! Continue reading below to check it out.

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FEST Feature Friday: Protagonist

Punk rock five piece Protagonist will be performing at FEST this coming November. FEST, a three day music festival taking place in Gainesville, FL, has been happening annually since 2001, making this the 18th year of what can be best described as a punk rock family reunion. With the recent addition of both stand up comedy and wresting, this is a weekend for the books.

The band has released two new singles over the last few months, with the most recent, “Generation Lost,” having come out last Friday. The former, “The Killing Fields,” kicked off a series of re-worked tracks that the band had been holding onto for more than a decade! We had a chance to chat with vocalist Peter Marullo about revisiting unreleased material, his favorite FEST memories, and more! Continue reading to learn more about Protagonist and to stream “The Killing Fields.”

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FEST Feature Friday: Little Teeth

Happy Friday! We’re back again for our third installment of our FEST themed Feature Friday series. For this week’s interview, we chatted with Cory Call, the vocalist / guitarist of Munich based punk rock band Little Teeth. Continue reading to learn more about the band’s formation, favorite ways to enjoy music in a digital age, tips for first time FEST attendees, and more!

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FEST Feature Friday: Mike Llerena & The Nerve

If you’re a fan of punk rock and rock and roll, then you definitely don’t want to sleep on Mike Llerena & The Nerve. Hailing from Gainesville, this Florida three piece are part of FEST 18’s lineup for this November, and they’re sure to pack a punch. Continue reading to check out our interview with Mike where we talk about the band’s latest album, the FEST community, and more!

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Feature Friday: Luke Seymoup

It’s not uncommon for those who work in the music industry helping others achieve their goals to make some noise of their very own. Luke Seymoup, an Australian based artist, is doing just that. Luke has experience behind the scenes from working with the record label Whisk & Key, and is pursuing his own exciting endeavors.

Check out our interview with Luke where we cover everything from his next EP release, where he finds inspiration for his music, and his upcoming UK show. With much much new music coming out constantly, don’t sleep on Luke’s tunes - his creative personality allows him to create music that most, if not all, people can enjoy with his releases ranging from a ukulele EP, to a ska EP, and an assortment of mixed genre singles. If you live in London, check out Luke’s
first show overseas on June 30th!

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Last Wild Lion // Feature Friday

Last Wild Lion are coming to you all the way from Edinburgh, Scotland. The band released their debut album at the end of last month and are preparing to play their very first show on November 24th. Their album, They’re Not Secrets Anymore, is a bold offering that builds a sturdy bridge between late 80’s synth pop and modern alt rock.

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No/Hugs // Feature Friday

No/Hugs released a music video for their hard hitting single "Your Satisfaction Is Fake" on July 21, following the 2016 release of their first EP, In Between. This Boston based band consists of two core members, Narcissus A-Ngel on vocals and drummer Kat Dukeshire. Blending classic theater aspects with charismatic, powerhouse vocals and mature pop punk undertones with a dash of melodic riffs, No/Hugs recently performed at the Mansfield, MA Vans Warped tour and are gearing up for shows in September. 

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FELICITY // Feature Friday

FELICITY hit the Florida scene in 2013 and have continued to deliver well crafted melodic pop punk jams while pushing their limits and perfecting their signature style ever since. Continue reading to learn about their latest releases, watch FELICITY's music video for "The City Beautiful" and to read an interview with vocalist Damien below where we talk about their upcoming EP, making it in DIY, and more! 

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Milo Duhn // Feature Friday

Incongruity, the full length album from upstate NY based acoustic emo artist Milo Duhn is a ten track trip through the ups, downs, and in-betweens of growing up, growing apart, and learning that it's all a part of the process.

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High Fidelity // Feature Friday

Pop-punk inspired trio High Fidelity take on more than just soaring choruses and angst infused lyrics with their end of 2017 release, Stay True To Yourself. If you haven't heard of them before, it's likely because they're from Madrid...but that's okay, because you're learning about them now, and the saying goes "better late than never," right?

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Silencio No, an Argentina-based pop punk band, pens uplifting lyrics that are paired with equally feel-good melodies to create the perfect summer anthems. This energetic three piece released a self titled 11 track album back in August 2017, and are gearing up to bring their music to people near and far. Click to continue after the jump to check out a review of their latest release, as well as an interview with vocalist / guitarist, Juan, where we talk the groups formation, future touring plans, and favorite genres! 

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Rebuilder // FEST Feature Friday

There are only 28 days left until FEST, and we are so incredibly excited for this years lineup! This week, our featured artist is Boston based punk rock band Rebuilder. This energetic five piece recently released an EP titled Sounds From The Massachusetts Turnpike which is jam packed with classic punk rock rhythms, steady vocals with a hint of edge, and choruses that are bound to be stuck on "repeat" in your head. Read on to see our thoughts on the album and to check out an interview with Rebuilder's bassist, Daniel! 

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Kid You Not // FEST Feature Friday

Did you know that there are only 45 days left until FEST? That is, if you're reading this on September 11, 2017. It's getting close!

With that being said, we're excited to introduce you to yet another FEST band who we hope that you'll enjoy. Meet Kid You Not, a four piece band from St. Augustine, FL. With having just recently signed to Deep Elm Records (joining Latterman, The Appleseed Cast, and more), they have a brand new album coming out on September 29th.

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Bong Mountain // FEST Feature Friday

Michigan has gifted us with a variety of different creations over the years-- traffic lanes, Faygo soda, breakfast cereal...the list goes on. More recently, Bong Mountain emerged from Michigan with pop punk rock jams and a five track EP that will draw you in time and time again.

With Bong Mountain playing FEST this year, now is as good of a time as any to give them a listen if you haven't done so before. Read on to learn about their music, check out an interview with their drummer, Matt, and see some photos from Nick Zimmer Photography

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The Handsome Scoundrels // FEST Feature Friday

For our second installment of Fest Features (only 10 more Fridays to go in case you were counting) we are happy to introduce you to The Handsome Scoundrels. This three piece pop punk group formed in Alabama back in 2010. They released a new EP this morning though OutLoud! Records, titled Thick Cuts which you can listen to right here

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Divided Heaven // Feature Friday

Generally solo, sometimes full band, always genuine, and never lacking, Divided Heaven is the result of Jeff Berman's passion for creating raw, heartfelt music without losing the authentic, true-to-yourself sound that laid the groundwork for Divided Heaven's first release in 2011. Originally from Southern Pennsylvania, Jeff now resides in Los Angeles, although much of his time is spent on the road. Having been involved in various bands, such as Protagonist (currently) and VPR (previously), Jeff certainly knows his way around composition and delivery. 

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I recently got the chance to touch base with Christina, the vocalist for the south Florida based band Gouge Away. After catching their set at the Paint It Black show in Philly, it's easy to tell that Gouge Away are here to stay. With a year full of touring ahead of them, (they're playing FEST this year!) be sure to catch them when they come through your city.

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