With the holiday season quickly approaching, and New Years eve following closely behind, it's a fact of life that you're going to hear Christmas music no matter where you go-- you just can't escape it. Luckily for you, there are a bunch of brand new holiday jams that came out this year, so you can breathe a sigh of relief that while you might have to hear "Santa Baby" for the umpteenth time while finishing up that last minute shopping, we've got you covered for new tracks to throw onto your holiday playlist. Today, we're featuring "Do You Know When It's Christmas?" from the group Waterfall Wash, along with an interview.

Waterfall Wash is fuzzy synth-pop from Nashville, Tennessee. The band’s lineup consists of Michael Roddy (vocals, guitar), Ellice Evins (keyboard, glockenspiel, autoharp), Wes Cramer (drums) and Marshall Dunn (bass guitar).

Their latest EP, entitled Become What You See, showcases a band on the verge of discovery. Together, they travel in their trusty tour van — named TODD — to a city near you.

I chatted with the four piece about a new track that they're releasing just in time for the holiday season, titled "Do You Know When It's Christmas?"

Q: Nashville is known for being Music City -- how do you feel that non-country artists do in the local scene? 

A: Marshall: It depends on how many friends they have.

Q: What's your favorite local spot to play at?

A: Ellice: fooBAR!

Roddy: That's a really hard question to answer. Sometimes the best shows happen at people's houses. 

Marshall: If I had to choose I'd say High Watt. It's a good stage with good sound.

Q: What was the writing process for "Do You Know When It's Christmas?" since it was written so quickly?

A: Marshall: Ellice did a keyboard thing “ding ding ding ding” Yeah! That sounds like Christmas! How bout this for bass “goom goom goom” Yeah that’ll work! Sure! Wes, what are the words? That’s great. Done. 

Q: Whose idea was it to record a holiday themed song? 

A: Marshall: We all kinda agreed on writing the song, since we weren’t able to work out “Father Christmas” (by The Kinks) in time for an upcoming show. We mentioned writing this dumb Christmas song to our producer for our most recent stuff, Nick Bullock, and he got really, really excited about recording a Christmas song. I think that’s the first time the idea of recording this song was brought up.

Roddy: One thing we tried in the studio with Nick was a Frankenstein guitar solo. I thought it would be fun if he, Marshall and I each did our own pass on guitar. I think my brain melted a little bit during Nick's take. Later, we played them all back at the same time, and it sounded like utter chaos. Slowly, we reduced what was there to create what's there now. 

Q: What's your all time favorite christmas (or holiday) song?

A: Roddy: Lately, I've been loving that Blink 182 jam "Happy Holidays, You Bastard". It's so irreverent and – I think – under 2 minutes? 

Ellice: anything by Linda Belcher (of Bob's Burgers). 

Wes: I'm torn between that one Michael Buble song and that other Michael Buble song.

Marshall: “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday” by Wizzard. I’m not sure it’s about Christmas at all but I love its relentless manic energy. It's a year-round jam for me.

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