Pre-Fest Highlights // Day Two

Written by Kayla Albee | Photos by Nick Zimmer

Still thinkin' about shorter days, warmer weather, and all of the fun that was had at Pre-Fest? Us too!

Day two of Big Pre-Fest in Little Ybor started earlier than the previous day, with sets beginning at noon and continuing on throughout the night into the early hours of the morning (the last band ended at 1:30 AM!). We headed out early for the second day of the festivities and experienced a whole bunch of artists, both new and old -- check out our highlights below with photos from Nick Zimmer Photography. 

Expert Timing | Tequilas | Pre-Fest

While we don't have any photos of this trio, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share with you all the experience that I had while seeing them this year! This fun three piece is made up of vocalist and bassist Katrina, vocalist and guitarist Jeff, and drummer Gibran. Their playful, light music is an extension of easy going DIY garage rock complete with simple, memorable lyrics with shared vocal duties. Both Katrina and Jeff have smooth, soft vocals that invite you in and wrap you up in familiar feelings of hazy summer days. 

Their set included "Swimming" and the ever catchy "Nervous Wreck".  Throughout the performance, all three band members looked like they were having a blast -- seeing people have fun doing what they love is honestly a wholesome feeling and just goes to show what Pre-Fest is all about-- having a good time. 


Jabber | Tequilas | Pre-Fest

Jabber were up next. They skipped the stage banter and went straight to the music. This four piece has played FEST in the past, and they put on a totally killer Spice Girls cover set last year and if you missed it, I am so, so sorry because it was so, so awesome. Don't worry though -- you can watch a video of the full set here

Their short, sing-along worthy pop punk tracks easily get you in the mood to bop around, especially "Anymore" with lyrics like "I don't wanna be in love with you anymore / I don't wanna tell you that you're the one that my heart beats for". It's easy to think of at least one person / time in your life that this was relevant to! 

Vocalist Danny has a sort of undeveloped voice, yet it suits the genre well and goes to show that you don't need to be a professional singer to be successful. If you're passionate about creating music and / or forming a band, go for it! You never know what could happen. 


Prince Daddy & the Hyena | Tequilas | Pre-Fest

The deep, heavy guitars, rough vocals, and pounding drums that this four piece melds together created an energetic and noteworthy performance. While their set started early, they had a packed venue full of new and old fans (count me in as one of the new fans -- I honestly don't have an excuse as to why / how I slept on this band for so long!). 

Prince Daddy & the Hyena had a lively stage presence -- it was as though they were genuinely in their own world and vibing with the music. The downside to their set was that there was a lack of enthusiasm from the crowd. People tend to hold back at Pre-Fest and go wild in Gainesville, but this band deserved a more lively crowd. 


Tim Barry | Crowbar | Pre-Fest

Tim Barry has performed at Pre-Fest, as well as FEST, in the past, so it was no surprise that he was on the lineup this time around. The Crowbar is a small, straightforward venue with a bar in the back and a small raised area towards the left side of the stage for people who don't want to be in the thick of the crowd. 

The fact that there was no set list left gave the performance an informal feeling that lasted for the entirety of the set. His music is so personal, and the best way to experience it is to be on the same level.

Accompanied only by a guitar, Tim Barry took the stage and filled the room with stories in the form of songs, including "Wait At Milano", "Idle Idylist", "40 Miler", and  most notably, "Dog Bumped", which had the crowd singing along to the raw, emotional chorus of "One quick minute got me 28 long years / But I'd do it again / I don't regret it / He laid his hand on my sister / Too many times when I was near / And I shot him dead / And I don't care".