Eva Ross | EP Release Show

Article + photos by Kayla Albee


Eva Ross

Venue: Wilder Etudes

City: Nashville, TN

Date: June 24, 2017

The grand opening of Wilder Etudes, a home fixture shop in the Edgefield area of Nashville, TN, shared the night with the EP release show for local ambient indie folk artist, Eva Ross. Jumpsuits, La Croix, paisley patterns, and an open patio made the perfect setting for live music smoothly mixed with the beginning of summer.

While the small outdoor venue was packed full of people enjoying each others company (as well as free drinks!), there was no sense of overcrowding. With the stage area being floor level rather than elevated, an intimate vibe was added to the over all experience. 

Opening the set with the title track to her EP, Lose, Eva sang "I'm not sure I want to exist if I don't have the will to choose / which memories I'll keep or I will lose." These lyrics, as well as countless others, welcome the audience into the inner workings of Eva's mind. 

Exploring feelings of doubt, fear, and jealousy, Eva's solo performance highlighted her ability to convey all of these feelings on her own without the need for a full band on stage.

Eva's stage presence is initially timid, yet steadfast with a hauntingly angelic voice. This creates effortless melodies with painstakingly honest lyrics, often relatable, and always well crafted. 

Performing all but the last two tracks off of her EP, Eva certainly put on a captivating live performance. The audience appeared intrigued, and audible chatter that had gone on during the beginning of her set came to a stop.

Soft spoken, Eva's crooning voice transcends the barrier between the audience and the artist. Weaving a web of intricate details, Eva's lyrics paint pictures that will resonate with all.