Free Throw | Record Release Show

Written by Kayla Albee | Photos by Nick Zimmer


Free Throw

Venue: The End

City: Nashville, TN

Date: July 1, 2017

Although Nashville is known for its country music, Nashville is also home to artists of various genres, including alternative emo band, Free Throw. Free Throw ended their most recent tour with a hometown record release show on July 1, 2017 and we were there to experience it. 

Chase Huglin

Chase Huglin, a solo artist originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana, was the first to preform at Free Throw's record release show. Opening his set with "Pills", the the second track from his debut album You Deserve An Island, Chase was personable throughout his entire performance.

Breaking two strings at the beginning of his performance, Chase addressed the situation humorously, telling the crowd to "talk among yourselves real quick", which resulted in scattered laughter from the crowd before swiftly switching from an acoustic to electric guitar and continuing to play.

Although Chase is a solo acoustic artist, the stage did not feel empty, as his calm yet full vocals easily filled the entire room. While most of the songs that Chase played, including "Hell" and "You Deserve An Island" feature smooth vocals, Chase displayed his range with "Niagara", screaming the lyrics backed with emotion.

Changing the lyrics to "Here Right Now" from "If you see me in my car / I'm probably just leaving now" to "If you see me at the End / I'm probably drinking $2 PBR's now" resonated well with the crowd.

Heart Attack Man

Heart Attack Man were the second band to take the stage. Eric, Heart Attack Man's vocalist, is extremely expressive which adds to their overall performance. Both sides of the stage featured glowing green neon signs displaying the words "Heart Attack Man" and "The Manson Family", which is the name of their recent album.

Playing high energy emo rock jams, this Cleveland, Ohio based band know how to get the energy in the crowd going. People near the front of the stage began dancing and singing along to songs such as "Life Sucks" and "The Manson Family" as Heart Attack Man worked through their set. 

Telling the crowd "Tonight's going to be fun-- I promise!", the band kept their word. Bringing all of the band members present at the show on stage at the end of their set for what looked like one big party, the tone was set for the rest of the evening.



Second to last were Homesafe, a four piece from Oak Lawn, Illinois. Their classic emo rock vibe mixed with an updated twist is easily solidified by the dual vocals and large stage presence that Homesafe have to offer.

Starting their set with a fast paced, upbeat song called "Stranger", the crowd went wild. Ryan, one of the vocalists, told the crowd "this is fun as hell!" shortly before jumping into a surprise cover of Mr. Brightside, originally by The Killers. Nearly everyone inside of the venue was singing along, dancing, and enjoying the night.

While The End, a venue with a 175 capacity place, suited them well, Homesafe are the type of band that would do well on a festival stage, as well. Closing their set with "Hourglass", the fourth track from their album Evermore, vocalist Ryan sang "Do you know this fucked up situation I put myself in? / I'm sorry it took so long but you know I'm coming home / I miss the way you felt and those nights we'd drive around without a place to go / We just knew we weren't alone, but now I'm alone." 

Keep an eye out for a fall tour, as Homesafe announced that they'll be back in Nashville during the fall! 


Free Throw

Fourth and final, Freethrow took the stage. By this time, the small venue was packed and there were people of all ages ranging young teens, early twenties, to band members parents and family members. 

Beginning with the first track off of their newest record, "Open Window", the crowd was immediately engaged.  With this show being the last on their latest tour, Free Throw did not disappoint. Playing tracks off of Bear Your Mind, including "Weak Tables" and "Randy, I Am The Liquor", the audience didn't stop moving. With people closer to the front of the stage pushing each other (all in good nature), people everywhere in The End were singing along to all of the songs that were played throughout Free Throw's entire set. 

Dedicating "Dead Reckoning" to his grandfather, Cory, Free Throw's vocalist, sang "Reflections from the bottom of a glass / A long night spent pondering the past / Life and everything that it's worth / Everyone I know could go at any second from this Earth / How would it make me feel to never fucking see them again / How would it make them feel to never fucking see me again?"

Mixing more serious songs with lighthearted tracks, the set list seemed strategic and well delivered. Closing with all band members that had played prior to Free Throw taking the stage coming out to perform all at once, PBR's were flying through the air and multiple people were crowd surfing to the front of the audience and screaming along to the music.