Rozwell Kid | The End | Nashville, TN

Written by Kayla Albee | Photos by Nick Zimmer


Rozwell Kid

Venue: The End

City: Nashville, TN

Date: August 10, 2017

Rozwell Kid's headlining Blizzard Of Oz North American Odyssey 2017 tour for their latest release, Precious Art, kicked off in Lakewood, Ohio on July 6, 2017 and ended in Nashville, Tennessee on August 10, 2017. We made it out to the Nashville show at The End to catch the last stop on this stacked summer tour.

Great Grandpa, a five piece grunge rock band sprinkled with hints of pop, hailing from Seattle, Washington, encouraged the crowd to take up the empty space near the stage before diving into their set. Their charismatic vocalist, Alex, was seemingly bursting with electric, infectious energy for the entire duration of their performance.

Although the venue's stage was somewhat cramped due to the size, that certainly did not deter the band from making the last night of tour one to be remembered. Commenting on how their Nashville experience was not as "country" as expected, all five band members seemed pleasantly surprised by the turnout for the show.

Opening his set with "Can't Die", the title track of his 2016 release, Chris Farren took the stage next. With more than enough personality to make you forget that it's just him and a guitar on stage, Chris Farren didn't disappoint. In between playing upbeat, dancable tracks such as "Say U Want Me" and "Chris Farren's Disney's Frozen", he made his way outside to question why a few of the attendees weren't inside watching the show. Making his way back into the venue, people were cheering and laughing as he got back on stage to continue the show.

Chris Farren clearly knows how to put a smile on peoples faces and put on an entertaining live performance, complete with catchy choruses and up beat rhythms. Closing his set with "Human Being", Chris Farren had the crowd cheering his name and waving their hands in the air. If you want to have a wholesome, good time, do yourself a favor and see Chris Farren live. 

Although Nashville was the last stop for this tour, Rozwell Kid were as energetic as ever. Beginning with "Wendy's Trash Can", the opening track off of their newest album, Precious Art, Rozwell Kid continuously cranked out power pop rock tunes that were only interrupted by a minor technical difficulty that resulted in vocalist Jordan improvising a song about Sunflower Cafe which is awesome, in case you didn't know!

With the venue nearly full, Rozwell Kid performed mainly new tracks, without losing their authentic down-to-earth stage presence. Having played both large and small festivals and tours, Rozwell Kid know how to work the stage and engage the crowd.  If you're looking for a fun time bopping along to catchy tunes with witty and humorous stage banter included, Rozwell Kid are the band for you.