Harms Way | The End | Nashville, TN

Article + photos by Nick Zimmer

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Harms Way

Venue: The End

City: Nashville, TN

Date: February 25, 2018

I had the opportunity to hit one of the heaviest tours of the year earlier this week when Harms Way brought their headlining tour featuring Ringworm, Vein, and Queensway through Nashville.

The night started with Baltimore hardcore band Queensway taking the stage. From the moment the band started the pit opened immediately. The band brought a ton of energy to the stage and are easily one of the more fun hardcore bands to experience live. The band are out supporting their release Swift Minds of The Darkside which you can check out here.

Vein were the second band up and announced that they would be playing a short set due to their drummer injuring their hand the night before. While the message was delivered, the band did not seem to be slowed down at all and unleashed fury on the crowd for 15 minutes. While the set was short in time, it didn’t lack in energy or intensity.

Hardcore veterans Ringworm were next up and ripped their way through 12 tracks with little stage banter. The band played a career spanning set including the tracks “The Sickness” and “Amputee,” as well as the tracks “Snake Church” and “Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun” off of their latest album, Snake Church. While the crowd seemed to slow down a bit during their set, Ringworm did the opposite and brought the riffs for 45 minutes.

Harms Way took the stage to close the night and smashed The End into pieces. The band played a set that was mostly comprised of tracks from their last two records, Rust and Posthuman. Their punishing brand of metallic hardcore turned the entire floor into a pit and had fans piling on top of each other trying to grab the mic. Harms Way’s new album, Posthuman, came out February 9th and can be heard here.