Caroline Rose | The High Watt | Nashville, TN

Written by Kayla Albee | Photos by Nick Zimmer

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Caroline Rose

Venue: The High Watt

City: Nashville, TN

Date: March 27, 2018

Caroline Rose played to a sold out audience in Nashville, TN, last week. With support from the West Coast group WASI, and Nashville based Nightingail, this show was a success. 

Nashville locals, Nightingail, opened the show with groovy blues infused jams mixed with modern americana undertones. Vocalist Alicia Gail's smooth, crooning vocals effortlessly ebbed and flowed with a gentle country twang.

While there's a feeling of timidness behind her vocals, it works with the music and at times, added an eerie, haunting vibe. 

"To Make It Right" stood out as a well rounded example of Nightingail's offerings, and the subtle addition of dual vocals gave the song more depth. 

West coast based group WASI, fronted by Jessie Meehan and Merilou Salazar, not only talk the talk, but walk the walk-- with social justice inspired lyrics and feminist themes, the band headed over to a Queer Youth center in Nashville prior to the show to spend time with the teenagers there. It's clear that WASI's actions align with their beliefs and musical message. 

They performed "Pussy Grabs Back," which is a direct response to the current political climate, and addresses serious issues: "Now do you feel the anger in the atmosphere / Here's to education / Are we even close / To fix a broken system / For those who need it most."

Their title track from their latest EP, "Stranger California," was a hit -- waves of dream pop hit the crowd and had people bopping along with the music. 

"Puzzles" gave off a darker, more serious tone than their other tracks while still keeping the energy flowing. Opening with "I'm alone, I'm alone and I know that it feels / I'm alone, I'm alone and I know that it feels / Alright / Alright" echoing throughout the room, this track tackled feelings of anxiety, not being able to find your place, but still maintaining a positive outlook which can certainly be challenging at times. 

Marilou spent the entire duration of their performance dancing and jumping around the stage with an authentic, unapologetically sincere energy. Her stage presence added a theatrical element which took their riot pop jams to the next level in a live setting.

By the time that the the headliner, Caroline Rose, took the stage, the show had officially sold out-- the High Watt was packed with fans. Rose chugged a beer and crushed it on her head as she ran onto the stage, making it clear that the rest of the night would be a party.

Dressed in athletic themed garb, the band dove into a packed setlist. While Caroline Rose's sound is not one that's easily defined, it's easy to pick up on americana, pop, and indie rock influences, while comfortably blending genres from track to track.

"More Of The Same," showed off Rose's quirky and charismatic stage presence. Her soaring vocals, specifically in the chorus of "Woah, just a little is more than I can recall / I try and put my finger on it though I have been here before / I'm never gonna figure it out, no I'm never gonna try again / If all it is, is just more of the same thing" showed off her easily versatile range.

It's likely that Caroline Rose could have sold out a larger venue, this show was small and intimate, while still giving off a big party vibe.