Makeout | The Abbey | Orlando, FL

Article + photos by Hanna Branch

Makeout 6.jpg


Venue: The Abbey

City: Orlando, FL

Date: March 27, 2018

Makeout, formerly known as Trophy Wives, are making a name for themselves while also bringing old and new fans with them. Opening last night for Icon For Hire, the band proved they could put on just as big of a show as a headlining act. Although most in the crowd were there to see the main act, Makeout definitely owned the stage. Pairing their never ending energy and unapologetically real lyrics, the band truly gave the show their all.

Starting off their set with “Salt Lake City,” Makeout already had the crowd right where they wanted them. Not one person in the venue took their eyes off the band. The next song, “Clockwork,” kept the energy going. Each member found opportunities to interact with the crowd during their performance, making the intimate show that much better.

Close to the end of the set, the band took no hesitation in performing a much shorter and truthful, yet also comical, song called “Where’s My Charger.” This was a crowd favorite, due to the very accurate lyrics. If you don’t believe me, give it a listen for yourself! Finally, Makeout closed out their set with what is arguable their most recognized song at the moment, “Crazy.”  They seemed to gain even more energy while the intro played and they put their all into the last song.

To their fans’ dismay, Makeout could not play any extra songs, even as those standing front and center yelled out recommendations. However, Makeout’s fan interactions did not end there. After the main act finished their set, Makeout met each and every fan with wide smiles and kind words. They took pictures and signed CD's for almost an hour! I don't believe that even one person left that venue disappointed. I believe great things will happen for this band in the very near future!

P.S -- Makeout will be on The Vans Warped Tour all summer long!