Basement | The Basement East | Nashville, TN

Written by Kayla Albee | Photos by Nick Zimmer

Basement // Citizen

Venue: The Basement East

City: Nashville, TN

Date: May 8, 2018

Citizen and Basement kicked off a co-headlining tour with direct support from Pronoun and Souvenirs last week and performed to a rowdy crowd at The Basement East, a 400 capacity venue located in East Nashville, on May 8th. 

California based four piece Souvenirs opened the show with "Repetition" from their 2014 release You, Fear and Me. The band sounded a bit heavier live compared to their recorded material, which seemingly added more depth to their performance. While they were the opening band, they had a strong fan base show up to see them and their lively energy engaged the audience and continued throughout the night. 

Pronoun were up next, and while they weren't as active on stage as Souvenirs, they were still fun to watch.  It turns out that this was actually only Pronoun's sixth show! Their set included "Take This Out On Me," and "Mulling Over Things," with the later being the first song that Pronoun ever released. 

By the time that Citizen took the stage, The Basement East had become packed with fans who were working their way to the front of the crowd. With the audience nearly drowning out Mat Kerekes while singing along to "The Summer" and "The Night I Drove Alone," there were stage dives and crowd surfers throughout the majority of their set. With a mix of old and new material, Citizen delivered a diverse set list that didn't disappoint. 

Opening with "Whole," Basement dove headfirst into a packed setlist. With a mix of songs spanning the width of their discography, they proved their ability to captivate a crowd.   Backed by blue and green lights, the band kept the momentum going throughout their set -- vocalist Andrew Fisher was met with waves of crowd surfers and stage divers. Having been a band for nearly ten years, this five piece are still going strong.