Breakfest | Liberty Hall | Franklin, TN

Written by Kayla Albee | Photos by Nick Zimmer



Venue: Liberty Hall

City: Franklin, TN

Date: June 24, 2018

You asked, and the music gods have answered. A ten band bill that ends before 10 PM? Yes, please! How is this possible, you ask? It's simple -- the show starts bright and early at 9 AM! This aptly named breakfast themed festival brought the Nashville and Franklin community together with support from local vendors and more or less local musicians. 

Nashville's very own Idle Bloom got the morning off to a nice and easy start, with their indie rock tunes being carried throughout the large venue. Vocalist Olivia spoke about how sexisim is something that always needs to be addressed in the music world, a message that resonated well with the crowd. With people milling around eating an assortment of breakfast foods and drinking coffee, I checked the time and realized that it was only 9:32 AM --- say what?! The strung up lights on the ceiling added a laid back, lazy summer day ambiance.

Will Pugh performed a solo set of Cartel songs, including the groups 2005 hit that doubles as a now nostalgic throwback "Say Anything (Else)" along with "The Perfect Mistake." His acoustic renditions of the bands well known songs went over well with the crowd and served as the perfect singalong material. 

The Dangerous Summer's set was made up of bright, flashing lights, a growing crowd, and an animated performance from lead vocalist, AJ Perdomo. While the group had been on a three year hiatus that recently ended, they have a self titled album out now (which AJ made sure to remind us of multiple times throughout their set.) Pulling from the past, their set included "Northern Lights" and "The Permanent Rain." 

Daddy Issues, another Nashville based band, performed fuzzed out DIY grunge rock. Their set included "Drop Out" which details dropping out of the well known Belmont University. This group is well known in the Nashville area and are gearing up to tour with The Menzingers and Tiny Moving parts this fall.

William Ryan Key, former frontman of Yellowcard, has putting out solo music independently and has a second EP currently in the works. He took time to explain that his grandfather has influenced his writing style and shared that the track "Vultures" is the first song that set his solo project into motion. "30 Days," a track that he described as being a farewell letter to his youth, likely hit home for many due to the majority of the crowd being in their mid twenties and up. He closed his set with a stripped down version of "Ocean Avenue" that, just like Will Pugh's set, turned into a massive sing along. 

Free Throw are another Nashville based band and they drew the largest crowd of the day so far which came as no surprise, as their live shows are always packed with energy. Vocalist Cory shared that his high school's prom was at Liberty Hall and that it was a bit strange to be performing on stage at the same venue. Although he was feeling a bit under the weather, the crowd didn't let that stop them from having a good time. By the time Free Throw ended their set with "Two Beers In," the crowd was the rowdiest they had been all morning. 

Hot Rod Circuit ties with New Found Glory for the longest active band on the lineup as they're both 21 years strong. This Alabama based band busted out old favorites like 2002's "Now or Never"  and 1999's "Irish Car Bomb" during their lively performance. There were people of all ages in the crowd, including parents sharing the show with their young children who were dancing and having fun. 

New York natives The Movielife were full of energy from the moment that they took the stage. Joking that he was too old to to tour, vocalist Vinnie Caruana explained that Breakfest actually marked the end of The Movielife's tour with Bayside, William Ryan Key, and New Found Glory. Their set list included "Mercy Is Asleep At The Wheel" and "Hand Grenade." While people were crowd surfing, it was a bit shocking to see that security had no idea how to handle the crowd. 

Bayside didn't disappoint with a consistently solid sound that carried their punk infused rock jams from beginning to end. "Blame It On Bad Luck" and "Montauk" proved to be crowd favorites with people singing along and moving to the music, and Vinnie Caruana came out to lend vocals on "Devotion and Desire." With band members having relocated to Nashville, it's clear that music city isn't just for country artists. 

New Found Glory haven't lost any energy from their earlier days, with vocalist Jordan Pundik running around the stage for most of their performance. At one point, the band brought a fan from the front row on stage to sing. Like earlier acts, their set list pulled old favorites like "Understatement" and they closed with "My Friends Over You" while a confetti cannon was sprayed into the crowd. 

This was the first year of hopefully many Breakfest events. The addition of local vendors was fantastic, since having a strong and supportive local community is an important aspect of any city. We're excited to see what next years lineup brings!