Second Annual BreakFEST Music Festival Takes Place This Weekend

Article by Nick Zimmer

This weekend, New Found Glory are gearing up to bring back the second installment of their breakfast themed festival in Franklin, TN, aptly named BreakFEST. After the success of last year’s inaugural event, the pop punk veterans are ready to take the stage once again with a slew of killer bands while fans enjoy middle Tennessee’s finest breakfast vendors.


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BreakFEST started out strong by including some of the best local acts from the Nashville area. Last year, the festival featured Idle Bloom, Daddy Issues, and Free Throw, while this year welcomes H.A.R.D. and Love You Later. We’re particularly stoked to finally catch H.A.R.D., who have been gathering a ton of local buzz following the release of their self titled debut EP last year and consistent touring.

You may have noticed, but we catch Jetty Bones a lot and we’re not ashamed of it. Having seen the band in San Francisco earlier this year playing in an extremely intimate venue, watching them take a larger stage once again will be a treat as there aren’t many artists that have more fun on stage together than Jetty Bones that we’e seen recently.

While Real Friends may have strayed away from being the purveyors of sad, there’s no better way to fix those sleepy eyes than with some coffee. Before catching the band returning to the area for the first time in what feels like forever, make sure you take a minute to hit up vendors like Honest Coffee Roasters and Frothy Monkey to get your caffeine fix in.

We can’t talk about BreakFEST without talking about how excited we are for New Found Glory. Fresh off the heels of their newest cover album, From The Screen To Your Stereo 3, we’re pumped to hear not only all of the band’s hits, but also their take on some classics. It’s truly an incredible thing that they’re doing by bringing a community together over their love of breakfast and music, and it’s a refreshing take on music festival culture to have a day start and end so early. The first year was a huge success, and we have high hopes that this year will be no different!

Don’t have plans for the weekend? Not to worry - you can still snag tickets here!