Bring Me The Horizon Brings The Love To Nashville

Article + photos by Nick Zimmer

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Bring Me The Horizon

Venue: Nashville Municipal Auditorium

City: Nashville, TN

Date: January 23, 2019

We were lucky to catch the opening night of Bring Me The Horizon’s First Love Tour, which also featured Fever 333 and Thrice. The lineup for this tour was a bit perplexing when the support was announced, as each band is so drastically different, but it worked out beautifully.

The night started off with Jason Butler of Fever 333 taking the stage with a sack over his head and sound bytes from various news reports playing throughout the stadium. The band launched into “Burn It” and caught the packed crowd off guard with the amount of energy that now took over the room. If you have never seen Fever 333 (or any of the members previous bands), you are in for a treat as there are few bands that have the energy and passion that this group has. They played material off of their recently released album, Strength in Numb333rs, as well as their debut EP, Made An America. If you’re seeing this tour, make sure you get there in time to have your mind blown by Fever 333.

It’s almost unfair to put Thrice on after Fever 333...almost. While Thrice are not ever going to be a band that is putting in miles running around stage or throwing their instruments, they will be a band that is sonically perfect every time they take the stage. The band ripped through songs that covered most of their discography, including “Silhouette” from The Artist In The Ambulance, the live debut of “Whistleblower” from To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere, and a handful of tracks off of their newest album, Palms. Despite Dustin Kensrue fighting off a cold, the band sounded great and set the stage perfectly for Bring Me The Horizon to end the night.


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It’s kind of hard to believe that Bring Me The Horizon used to be a deathcore band. The transformation of the band over the last 10 years has seemed effortless and doesn’t wreak of a band just trying to cash in. Oli Sykes took to the stage to start the live debut of “I Apologise If You Feel Something” and immediately had the crowd hooked.

Much like Thrice, Bring Me The Horizon dug deep into their discography over the next hour and a half, and yes, the medley of older / heavier  material (“The Comedown” / “(I Used to Make Out With) Medusa” / “Diamonds Aren't Forever” / “Re: They Have No Reflections”) made its way over from their European setlist. Of course the night wouldn’t be complete without material from their new album, Amo, and they played quite a few tracks from the record. It’s wild to go from seeing Bring Me The Horizon in tiny dive venues to headlining auditoriums. The production on this tour is fantastic and you would be doing yourself a disservice to skip it when it rolls through your town.

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Thrice: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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