Daughters: Live at Mercy Lounge

Article + photos by Nick Zimmer

Daughters triumphant return is something that has had us very excited for quite some time. The group’s latest album, You Won’t Get What You Want, has been in heavy rotation and turned this tour into one of our most anticipated shows of the year so far. After Blanck Mass had to drop off of the tour before it started, Daughters added Hide and Wolf Eyes to warm up the crowd for the night.

Hide are one of the most unique bands that we have been able to catch. The Chicago based post industrial group set out to make you feel uncomfortable and accomplished that. The combination of nothing but a few strobe lights sitting on the stage and Heather Gabel’s intense shriek will send shivers down your spine. We went into this set not knowing what we would be experiencing and it was a performance that we will not soon forget.

Another duo, Wolf Eyes, were direct support and provided a very similar, yet very unique performance. While still being in the realm of noise, Wolf Eyes focused more on their soundscapes than vocals, and the amount of unusual instruments played by John Olson definitely caught our attention. The group has more than 200 releases and chances are you’ve heard their music even if you don’t realize it (they were featured on an episode of The Office!). It’s always refreshing to catch such an nontraditional band live.


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If you are going to a Daughters show and expecting to hear the band perform songs off of 2003’s Canada Songs, you are going to be disappointed. However, If you are going to a Daughters show expecting to see the energy and passion of a band that released Canada Songs, you won’t be.

Daughters’ sound has evolved so much over the last 16 years that it almost seems like a different group, but the intensity has never left. The band spread their set list out over the rest of their discography, with a good portion of the set being dedicated to tracks from You Won’t Get What You Want.

Halfway through the set the packed and already raucous Mercy Lounge crowd lost it when the band ripped into “Daughters Spelled Wrong” and didn’t let up for the rest of the night.  Do yourself a favor and catch this tour when it rolls through your town!

Daughters: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Wolf Eyes: Facebook and Instagram

Hide: Facebook and Instagram