Elisabeth Beckwitt Celebrates EP Release At The Back Corner

Written by Kayla Albee / Photos by Nick Zimmer

Indigo, the debut EP from Elisabeth Beckwitt, was released on Friday, July 26th. Elisabeth’s EP release party took place the night before at The Back Corner, a cozy venue located in downtown Nashville.

When Elisabeth took the stage, accompanied by a full band, the venue was hit with a warm, welcoming vibe. People were letting loose and dancing together as Elisabeth dove right into the EP. Hypnotizing visuals dances across a backdrop, adding an additional dimension to the show.

In between songs, Elisabeth shared some personal stories revolving around self love, navigating ill-defined relationships, and the importance of mental health. The mental health conversation is something that we’ve seen becoming more and more common among musicians - we can only hope that it continues to be normalized. With much of the subject matter on Indigo revolving around mental health and interpersonal struggles, hearing the songs performed in a live setting was magical.

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