Frank Iero Plays Hometown Show At Asbury Lanes

Article + photos by Autumn Dawn

Recently, I had the opportunity to review Frank Iero and the Future Violents’ newest record, Barriers. Naturally, after hearing what a banger it was, I just had to go and see it for myself in real life. Luckily, before kicking off the west coast leg of the Barriers tour, FIATFV decided to play a hometown show here at New Jersey’s very own Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park on June 28th.

The Lanes recently underwent a complete renovation - the last time I had seen Iero play this venue was in 2015, and the atmosphere was completely different. The venue’s new setup allows patrons to go bowling during the show, grab drinks at the bars inside, and even enjoy some late-night eats at their in-house diner! After the anticipation of their reopening, it was super exciting to see the night unfold in a new environment.

Iero has released a plethora of solo albums over the years under a few different band names, which allowed the Future Violents to perform not only the setlist that fans were expecting, but to also pull selections from a large catalog of previous releases, ranging from .STOMACHACHES. to Parachutes, and of course, Barriers.

Starting off the show with “Moto-Pop,” Iero brought an energetic opening that set the tone for a fun night. At one point during the set, Iero gave a shout out to his family who had been sitting in the back by the bowling lanes. His three kids watched as he dedicated a song to them that they all wrote together - “BFF.” The wholesome family vibe could be felt by everyone and in addition to being filled with boisterous punk rock, the Lanes with a sense of warmth, community, and love.

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