Full Of Hell Dominate The End

Article + photos by Nick Zimmer


Venue: The End

City: Nashville, TN

Date: June 9th, 2019

I was able to cap off an absolutely bonkers weekend full of shows by catching Genocide Pact, Primitive Man, and Full of Hell at The End in Nashville. Having spent four days covering a country music festival in Nashville, I was ready to be around heavier music and was not disappointed in how the long, exhausting week ended. Continue reading to check out photos and learn more about how the show was!

Due to shooting during the day at a festival in downtown Nashville, I was unable to make it for the opening act, Bled to Submission. I’ve been able to catch the band previously and was bummed that the timing didn’t work out as they’re currently one of Nashville’s top heavy groups.

So for me, my night started with Washington, D.C.’s Genocide Pact, who’s brutal brand of death metal immediately had The End’s near capacity crowd working their way to an early bangover. The band pounded through tracks, pulling heavily from 2018’s Order of Torment. Genocide Pact got the crowd moving and set the tone for the rest of the evening.

If you’ve never seen Primitive Man live, you are doing yourself a disservice. This was my first exposure to the group’s live performance and I can tell you that it’s one of the loudest experiences you’ll ever encounter.

With a slower, doom infused element to their music in comparison to Genocide Pact, Primitive Man were a good buffer to the intensity that Full of Hell would bring. Before anyone takes that as a dig (which it definitely is not), having a loud, crushing act was perfect as direct support, as it gave the crowd time to take a second off from the push pits and just groove with the band for a half hour.


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While I’ve been able to catch Full of Hell in the past (This is Hardcore 2016 was sick), this was the first headlining show for me. Led by vocalist Dylan Walker, Full of Hell dominated the stage and had the packed crowd up front growling right back at the band as they jumped into their set.

Full of Hell wasted no time shredding through tracks that spanned a large portion of their discography, while still having a solid focus on their most recent record, Weeping Choir, which was released last month. Seeing the group bust out “Vessel Deserted” from Rudiments of Mutilation was a stand out moment of the set, as was the energy that Walker brought to the stage.

Do yourself a favor and give all of the bands on this package a listen. A lot of the time, bands in the realm of death metal can feel stale and like they lack innovation, meanwhile each band involved with this show is doing something unique and breathing new life into heavy music.

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