Knocked Loose Celebrate The Release Of "A Different Shade Of Blue" In Nashville

Article + photos by Nick Zimmer


Venue: The End

City: Nashville, TN

Date: August 25, 2019

If you haven’t heard Knocked Loose’s new record, A Different Shade of Blue, you’re truly doing yourself a disservice. We were lucky enough to not only catch them doing a short set at Grimey’s (a tiny record shop in Nashville) but also one of their record release shows at The End. The band brought along Foreign Hands, Judiciary, and Eternal Sleep for this run. Check out why it was a night to remember below!

While Keep Flying opened up the show, our night started with Foreign Hands taking the stage. The Wilmington, Delaware based band took no prisoners and brought the mosh early and often. Be on the lookout for new material from the band soon to follow up last year’s demo. 

This was the second time Judiciary have come through Nashville in as many weeks and we have no complaints about that. With a set that was as pummeling as their prior time through with The Acacia Strain, we’re already looking forward to Judiciary coming back. The band took the time to speak of the importance of being a good ally to the LGBTQ community and using the power of voting in not only national but also local elections. It’s always great seeing bands use their platforms to empower and educate those in attendance. 

Eternal Sleep don’t come through Nashville often and it was a very pleasant surprise when Knocked Loose announced their support for this tour. The band treated the crowd to a new song which was absolutely crushing. It’s been three years since The Emptiness Of… was released so it was great to hear new material from Eternal Sleep.

Before Knocked Loose came out to close the show, Nashville’s own Better Off performed a short, secret set. Opening with “Gig Love” from this years Reap What You Sow, the band ripped through tracks from the record and provided a nice break in a night full of breakdowns. 

With A Different Shade of Blue coming out two days prior, Knocked Loose took to the stage and immediately ripped into “Trapped in the Grasp of a Memory” which sent the crowd into an immediate frenzy. Throughout the set the band worked their way through nearly all of ADSOB while still hitting all of the fan favorites off of Laugh Tracks and Pop Culture (including dusting off “Small Victories” and a guest appearance by Adam Easterling of Orthodox during “The Gospel”). The pit was open non stop throughout their set and looked as if you should fear for your life, but it was truly nothing but comradery on the floor. 

This set, and truly the entire night, was a celebration of Knocked Loose and A Different Shade of Blue. You’re going to continue to see this band taking over the world and it couldn’t happen to a more passionate group of people. If you missed these dates, make sure you hit one of their headlining shows this fall!

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