Knocked Loose Bring Their Headlining Tour To The Starland Ballroom

Article + photos by Autumn Dawn

I had the opportunity to catch Knocked Loose on their headlining spring tour at the Starland Ballroom in New Jersey on April 13th. With a stacked line-up featuring The Acacia Strain, Harm’s Way, special guests Incendiary and more, you really can’t go wrong. If you’re unfamiliar with Starland Ballroom, it’s a small but spacious venue, with capacity at 2,000 people and the ability (and of course, reputation) to pack almost every show I’ve attended wall to wall. 

The local support, Phantom Pain, took the stage first. A common quote found on their Instagram is “riff or die”, which they truly embodied with their doom metal inspired set - “riff-ing” so hard that they had some technical difficulties and blew the sound booth. What a way to kick of a show!

Once Phantom Pain had set the tone for the evening, Sanction came out and took their turn. Before this show I was unfamiliar with their music, but now they’re a name I’ll never forget.

They brought the perfect amount of energy and it translated straight into the crowd - everyone was going crazy for them, yelling lyrics back and moshing heavily. Their unique performance is something that’ll leave a lasting impression on fans and unfamiliar listeners regardless of their musical background. 

Following Sanction was the UK based band Higher Power. Being the only band that had a slight pop-punk energy to their music, it was a quick and refreshing change of pace, bringing an upbeat sound into the music hall. 

Harm’s Way were up next. They came in and made their presence known quickly.

They dominated the stage with their powerful sound, and James Pligge’s unforgettable voice. Their sound resonated throughout the entire building and the heavy riffs got everyone amped up. 

We were about halfway through the show when Incendiary took their turn owning the stage. This legendary, high-energy Long Island hardcore band was not one to miss.

At this point, each band before them did their job of hyping everyone up & it showed through and through. Fans were jumping over each other to scream as many words into the band’s face as possible. Incendiary were an amazing addition to the line up & definitely not to be missed if they ever come through your area. 


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The Acacia Strain goes without saying - they’re an amazing band who delivered an entertaining set. People were jumping onto the stage, there were stage dives, and water bottles being thrown and splashed into the crowd.

Playing tracks that every member of the crowd knew word for word, The Acacia Strain definitely didn’t disappoint. The high energy & almost theatrical performance was unique to their set in comparison to the other bands that played. 

After over 5 and a half hours, Knocked Loose finally made their debut for the night. A dark room was suddenly accompanied by a soft female-voiced country track, playing all the way through and building anticipation. Once the song ended, the band came running out onto the stage.

Opening with their new track, “By The Grave,” followed by “Oblivion’s Peak” and “All My Friends,” Knocked Loose know exactly how to capture the crowd’s attention. Playing their older hits to appeal to their older fans as well as their most popular ones for the younger and newer fans made for a diverse set list. Even though their discography is short, they had an amazing set, using “Counting Worms” as their obvious encore. 

If you’re a fan of hardcore and are not listening to these bands you should be -it’s clear that they all have a bright and big future ahead of them with their music, which translates and be sure to catch them on one of the remaining dates of their spring tour! 

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