Kurt Travis Captivates The Crowd At The Soundbar

Article + photos by Hanna Branch


Kurt Travis

Venue: The SoundBar

City: Orlando, FL

Date: June 6th, 2019

The Soundbar is located in the heart of downtown Orlando, Florida. This venue is known to residents for the mix of local and touring acts that come through the city, making the Soundbar a gathering place for Orlando’s locals to check out new music. This was no exception June 6th, when Kurt Travis played a headlining show in support of his new album, There’s A Place I Want To Take You.


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When Kurt Travis stepped on stage, the crowd was was hit with a high energy performance. As a smaller venue, The SoundBar usually harbors smaller crowds and it can be a daunting task to keep them going. Travis had no trouble here - he played several songs off There’s a Place I want to Take You, including “Too Much Space” and “Easy Peasy,” which were easily crowd favorites.

Travis’ experimental indie sound makes for an enjoyable show, even if you’re relatively new to his music. The overall vibe of the crowd that night was a beautiful mix of relaxed and peaceful, but also insanely into each and every word that Travis sang.

Kurt Travis will be continuing his Album Release Tour through the end of June - I highly suggest going to a show yourself if you have the chance. As someone who frequents concerts, this’ show was one I’ll never forget. The atmosphere was one I rarely experience, and that is something not every artist is able to achieve in their career. Owning the crowds attention in an intimate venue has the ability to connect fans and make for a memorable night. You can stream There’s A Place I Want To Take You down below!

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