Listener & Birds In Row Take Over The End

Article + photos by Nick Zimmer


Venue: The End

City: Nashville, TN

Date: May 12, 2019

When Birds in Row and Listener announced that they would be touring together, I immediately knew it would be a night that could not be missed. Bringing along Quentin Sauvé as the opening act, the tour recently came through Nashville and I was able to check it out at the one of the smaller venues in town.

The night kicked off with Nashville’s own Idle Threat taking the stage. With minimal banter between songs, Idle Threat set the tone for the night, sounding tight as could be and having just the right amount of energy to get the crowd going.

This post hardcore quartet were a nice addition to the lineup and we’re always looking forward to the chance to catch them live.

Quentin Sauvé was definitely a highlight of the night. Armed with just a guitar and a keyboard, Sauvé’s slow and ominous tracks felt like they fit right in, despite the rest of the artists being far more aggressive.

The set felt intimate and personal, with Sauvé’s short stories between songs and the only light source being two bulbs on stage. Pulling double duty, as the bassist of Birds in Row, it’s always great to see artists outside of their normal genre.

Birds in Row were the most anticipated act of the night for me. The last time that I was able to catch the band was during The Chariot’s farewell tour back in 2013, and this was the first chance I have had to photograph one of their sets.

The sheer intensity that this trio brings feels borderline violent. Out in support of last year’s We Already Lost The World, the band’s set was heavy with those tracks as they pummeled the tightly packed crowd who loved every second of it. Birds in Row don’t make it to the United States often, but when they do it is imperative that you check their set out if you’re a fan of heavier music.


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The night was capped of with Listener taking the stage and guiding the crowd through an emotional ending to a wonderful night. The brainchild of vocalist / bassist Dan Smith, Listener exuded passion and aggression, all the while captivating the entire crowd’s attention.

Fans yelled back every lyric at Dan Smith, Kris Rochelle, and Jon Terrey - you could feel the connection in the room between the band and the audience. Listener have seen plenty of change over the years, but have always found consistency and we hope we don’t see them go away any time soon.

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