Lucero Perform Unplugged At Acme

Written by Kayla Albee | Photos by Nick Zimmer

Acme Feed & Seed is a popular spot in Nashville for tourists & locals to party while downtown. Having served as a storefront starting in the late 1800’s, Acme is now well known as a multilevel venue with multiple bars and event spaces. As we’d never been to a show there before, I wasn’t sure what to expect! Once we got there, I realized just how intimate of a show this would be. A modest stage faced rows and rows of packed seating, with audience members actively waiting for the show to start. Lucero performed as part of an unplugged series on April 29th, with direct support from East Tennessee native Joey Kneiser.

Joey Kneiser’s stripped down style allows his lyrics to hit home as much of the emotion is conveyed through his voice alone. “For The Good Life,” off of his latest release The Wildness stood out lyrically as one of the most captivating songs frt5om his set. Following your heart to fuel your passions and desires.

Joey was joined by Kelly Smith, whom had previously been a member of the band Glossary which Joey had fronted. The two balanced each other out well on stage!


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Before jumping into their set, Lucero’s vocalist, Ben Nichols, told the crowd that the show was more intimate than he expected it to be - this was certainly different from their normal shows. Although they don’t normally perform unplugged, their punk rock roots were able to shine through.

Nichols’ rich, deep voice rocked the house with “Always Been You.” With a southern twang (they’re from Memphis, ya’ll) his robust vocals stood out and carried their performance. Fans ranging in age from mid twenties to late fifties were swaying in their seats, while some fans were dancing right up next to the stage!

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Joey Kneiser: Facebook and Instagram