Mae | The High Watt | Nashville, TN

Article + photos by Nick Zimmer

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Venue: The High Watt

City: Nashville, TN

Date: October 6, 2018

It’s not often that you come across a two band bill that also features an established band making their triumphant return to the stage as an active artist — we’re living the dream! We recently had the opportunity to go check out Mae at The High Watt in Nashville, TN and had a blast not only reliving the mid 2000’s but also hearing new Mae in 2018.

The show kicked off with the Virginia Beach based quartet OK MAYDAY who came out shortly after 9 PM. While we were spoiled with getting a two band bill, the show did have a later start time.

OK MAYDAY are out supporting their new EP, Conversations, and immediately grabbed the crowd with their infectious brand of synth driven pop rock. Although the High Watt stage is rather tiny, the band spent the entire set moving, dancing, and setting the expectation for an energetic night ahead.

Mae took to the stage and opened with “Sing” off of their recently released EP, 3.0. From there the band ripped through classics and new songs alike, easily captivating the packed High Watt crowd.

While Mae played mostly new material from their latest EP, it was exciting to see the band still breaking out material from Destination: Beautiful (“All Deliberate Speed” and “Summertime” were nice touches.) Several songs into the set, vocalist / guitarist Dave Elkins spoke about how Mae are attempting to be an active band again (they have a self titled record coming out later this month) and  guitarist Zach Gehring joked about how it wasn’t quite as easy to fit into their skinny jeans as the last time Mae were playing shows.

While the times have changed since we last saw Mae touring, one thing that has stayed the same is the band’s ability to grab your full attention and cause you to lose yourself in their performance. We’re glad that the band is back and you should be, too! Make sure to catch one of their shows if they come to your city and be on the lookout for their new record which will be out on October 28th.

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