Palaye Royale Play To A Sold Out Crowd in Orlando

Article + photos by Hanna Branch


Venue: The Abbey

City: Orlando, FL

Date: May 22, 2019

The Abbey in Downtown Orlando, Florida is a well-known venue with the locals and music enthusiasts alike. The small building gets frequented by bands fairly often but generally hosts small crowds. This was definitely not the case on May 22nd when Palaye Roayle played to a sold-out venue. The trio, consisting of Remington Leith (vocals), Sebastian Danzig (guitar), and Emerson Barrett (drums), have always drawn a dedicated fan base to each show whether they’re support for a headlining act, playing a side stage at warped tour, or in this case, at The Abbey.


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Some bands go all out with their stage performance and decorations, however, Palaye Royale decided that for The Funeral Tour, they would take a simplistic approach. The band’s name shown bright on large, antique marque lettering while a piano with an impressive candlestick were all that decorated the stage. This worked incredibly well for the band as their energy and music were more than enough to put on an amazing show.

Palaye Royale played several crowd favorites, including “Don’t Feel Quite Right,” “Death Dance,” “You’ll Be Fine,” and “Teenage Heartbreak Queen.” A more memorable and intimate moment during the night came from the encore song, “Ma Cherie.” The band lined the stage for an acoustic rendition of this song and asked the crowd to hold up cell phone lights, which cast a beautiful white glow over the venue.

Leith took no hesitation in joining the crowd for the last song. As he made his way throughout the venue, his microphone cut out. To make the night all the more special, fans took over for the lead singer and kept going on with the song. Eventually, the microphone came back on but not before Barrett ran for his phone to take a video of the special moment.

Palaye Royale never cease to amaze me each time they perform. They know how to handle a crowd and give off a unique energy that can be hard to find in live shows. If given the chance, go see them and give their music a listen. They work to create shows for everyone and it can be seen in how much they put into each and every live performance.

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