From the Depths of Dreams to The Basement East - Senses Fail return to Nashville

Article + photos by Nick Zimmer

When Senses Fail announced that they would be re-recording From the Depths of Dreams as well as doing a touring cycle where they play the album in its entirety, we knew for sure that this would not be something to miss. Senses Fail have always been fantastic at picking out tour support, and this was no exception as they brought along Hot Mulligan and Yours Truly. Check out our review of the show, along with photos, down below!

Starting the night off with Yours Truly, the Sydney, Australia based quartet came out and immediately grabbed the full attention of the crowd. While most people in the already packed house were unfamiliar with the band, the audience spent their time dancing and having a great time while the band ran through tracks from Afterglow, which they released back in April of this year. The interaction between the band and crowd was delightful and Yours Truly made sure that everyone knew how much they appreciated the early turnout. Yours Truly’s energetic and fun set definitely made a fan out of me!

Taking the stage second was Hot Mulligan, the most talked about unverified band on Twitter at the moment. As soon as the Michigan based band broke into “I Replied to Tyler With Three Blue Cars” the entire crowd started to get rowdy and spent the entire set singing their hearts out. The band’s set was heavy with tracks from last years Pilot, as well as a few tracks from Opportunities and included fan favorite “I Fell in Love With Princess Peach”. The highly energetic performance was the perfect way to set the crowd up for Senses Fail. If someone from Twitter gets the chance to check out Hot Mulligan live we’re confident that they’ll receive that blue check mark.

Surprisingly, there has been some confusion and backlash towards Senses Fail and the set lists they have been performing on this tour. Seeing as it was announced everywhere that the band would be performing From the Depths of Dreams in its entirety we knew exactly what we were in for and were not let down in the slightest.

Buddy Nielson is more energetic than ever, despite this being the band’s 17th year of existence. What’s wild about the band’s longevity is that there has not been a proper Nashville show since 2011, and you could tell the crowd was pumped that Senses Fail had finally returned. The band quickly tore through the EP (of course with the loudest reactions during the closer, “187”) and then ripped into the second half of their set which was a lot of deep cuts and lesser played songs.

Senses Fail still ran through the hits, including an acoustic version of “Lady in a Blue Dress”, as well as “Calling All Cars” and “Can’t Be Saved”. They took a brief pause before coming out for an encore that included their cover of “Institutionalized” before ending the night with a wild performance of “Bite to Break Skin”.

Senses Fail have been at this for a long time, and it’s great to see the band celebrate the record that started it all. Having been in high school when FTDOD was released, it was a night full of nostalgia and good memories, and we can’t wait to see what Senses Fail do next. 

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