Summer Cannibals Make Music City Debut At The Basement

Written by Kayla Albee / Photos by Nick Zimmer


Summer Cannibals

Venue: The Basement

City: Nashville, TN

Date: August 22, 2019

We headed out to The Basement (not to be confused with The Basement East) on August 22nd to check out Summer Cannibals and Sad Baxter. This two band bill pulled a cozy crowd and served as Summer Cannibals’ debut show in Music City!

Nashville locals Sad Baxter kicked off the show. The band has a restless, too-cool-for-school vibe that comes with a heavy 90’s grunge passion. Their short and sweet set included 2017’s anthemic “Baby.”

Hailing from the PNW, Summer Cannibals brought a fierce attitude to the stage. While they’ve been around since 2012, this was their very first time performing in Nashville! The crowd was mellow but seemed to be hooked on their sound as they jumped into an invigorating set.

The band’s electric energy is most accurately captured by “Can’t Tell Me No,” the title track off of their latest album. Serving as a powerful, self-love anthem, this song easily drives the message of leaving toxic relationships behind.

As the band started playing “Behave,” vocalist / guitarist Jessica Boudreaux was veiled in an eerie green stage light that encapsulated the mood of the song perfectly. In between songs, the band filled the silence with playlist banter, and announced that they’d be doing a guest DJ set at Dukes after the show. Check the out on their upcoming Fall tour - you can snag tickets here.

Sad Baxter: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Summer Cannibals: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter