The Acacia Strain Bring The Impact Crater Tour To The End

Article + photos by Nick Zimmer


The Acacia Strain

Venue: The End

City: Nashville, TN

Date: August 8, 2019

When The Acacia Strain announced the Impact Crater Tour we instantly knew that it would not be one to miss. I’ve been seeing and photographing The Acacia Strain shows for around 15 years now, and this was easily the smallest venue I’ve seen them in and certainly the hottest show.

The night opened up with Nashville’s 30 Nights of Violence taking the stage. The group have been making a name for themselves with their wild live performance (which was no different this night) and their brand of metalcore that pays more homage to the forefathers than the current state of the genre. While I couldn’t snap any shots, just know this - they killed it.

Judiciary took to the stage next and the pit opened immediately. The band ripped through their set with the crowd piling on top of each other and flipping off the stage. Judiciary are out in support of their new album Surface Noise, which was released back in January, and played a set heavy with tracks from the album.

Chamber from Nashville were up next and if you don’t get that reference, spend more time on Twitter. The band, who recently signed to Pure Noise Records, absolutely crushed it. No one was safe as Chamber furiously churned through tracks from Ripping / Pulling / Tearing, especially when the group were momentarily rejoined by original vocalist Sam Flemming. Be sure to check out Chamber while they’re still playing venues of this size because they’re going to take over the world.

Somehow I’ve managed to miss Kublai Khan every time that they’ve come through Nashville and I was not disappointed with what I finally got to see. The Texas based band essentially split their set with tracks from Nomad and Balancing Survival & Happiness, and busted out “Life for a Life” from New Strength. There was no shortage of crowd participation during the set and the biggest pits of the night were being opened. 

The Acacia Strain have had plenty of lineup changes and their sound has evolved quite a bit over the years, but one thing has always stayed consistent: Vincent Bennett is a ridiculously great frontman. The set started off with Vincent proclaiming that they were Chamber from Nashville and then heading right into “The Hills Have Eyes.”

The band tore through tracks from nearly every album, including bringing back a much heavier version of “Car Bomb” after Benett spoke about how he has grown over the years and removed the toxicity from his life. Clearly this has been a benefit to both Vincent and The Acacia Strain, as the band appears to be having more fun than ever on stage. Vincent spent a good amount of time spraying water into the crowd (in all fairness, he advocates wearing swimwear to the shows) and no one left the show without being drenched, whether it be from the water or sweat. Do yourself a favor and see The Acacia Strain live and enjoy the growth the band has displayed.

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