The Smith Street Band | The End | Nashville, TN

Written by Kayla Albee | Photos by Nick Zimmer


The Smith Street Band

Venue: The End

City: Nashville, TN

Date: August 30, 2017

The Smith Street Band, a four piece hailing from Australia (Melbourne, Victoria, to be exact) played a small show in Nashville last week, accompanied by Astronautalis and Sound & Shape. Having only seen The Smith Street Band at FEST in the past, I was unsure what to expect at such a small venue.

While this show took place the same night as the Kendrick Lamar concert at the Bridgestone Arena, home of the Nashville Predators Hockey team, the people that were at this show very clearly wanted to be there and were having a fantastic time.

Nashville based band Sound & Shape kicked off the show with down to earth rock and roll. Their sound was solid, with simple yet easy to get lost in tunes drifting throughout the small venue. 

.Sound & Shape had an amiable stage presence for the entirety of their set, and all of the band members looked at home on the stage. It would have been nice if more people had shown up when the show started to show support for all three artists. You can check out Sound & Shape's music on Bandcamp if you'd like to give them a listen. 

Astronautalis, and alternative rap / hip-hop artist residing in Minneapolis, was up next. Taking the stage and immediately diving into the performance, he easily captivated the crowd with his exciting stage presence and seemingly effortless flow, enchanting old and new fans alike. Performing "The Dogs Are Always Faster", "Skeleton (Everybody's Favorite)", "Barrel Jumping (A Man Of Letters", and more, the set was made complete with an impressive free style.

Due to the small crowd at the show, Astronautalis proclaimed that the show was like an "MTV unplugged" session. During one track, he jumped down into the crowd and processed to encourage everyone to dance-- people were bopping around with huge smiles on their faces.

Breaking up the set with short stories about touring in different countries and the experiences that he has had, Astronautalis put on a wonderfully intimate show that was perfect for the small venue and equally small crowd that showed up to enjoy his music. Check out his tunes on Spotify

The Smith Street Band took the stage next. As they began to play. the small crowd gathered near the front of the stage, with a few people jumping around while others were simply singing along and dancing to the music.

Opening their set with "Forrest", the first track on their latest release More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me, they continued on to "Happy Birthday", which was a hit. Their set was low key but high energy, with vocalist Wil chatting with the crowd in between songs and expressing how wonderful it was to get to play shows in the states. 

While the only experience that I had previously had with The Smith Street Band had been at FEST, this scaled down show was enjoyable just the same. Proving that they are able to perform at both small, compact venues as well as large festials, The Smith Street Band are on a roll. You can catch them on their current tour, and also keep an eye out for them at Riot Fest if you'll be there.