Vinyl Theatre | The Soundbar | Orlando, FL

Article + photos by Hanna Branch

VT 1 w.jpg

Vinyl Theatre

Venue: The Soundbar

City: Orlando, FL

Date: October 28th, 2018

On October 28th, in a small venue in downtown Orlando, Florida, Vinyl Theatre took to the stage adorned in flashy astronaut inspired spacesuits, each one unique to the three members. Before the band stormed the stage, an S.O.S. type of audio track played through the venue. The voice in the audio spoke about a space fleet awaiting a signal, keeping with the overall theme of the band’s most recent album: Starcruiser. The audio message was accompanied by complete darkness and ignited the crowd, who were already hyped from the two opening bands, The Catching and DBMK.

Without hesitation, Vinyl Theatre broke into their first song of the night which was one off Starcruiser titled “We Make the Music.” Fans in the crowd knew each word and screamed them back at the band. A few other unmistakable crowd favorites included “Our Song,” “30 Seconds,” and “Knock Knock.” The band even slowed it down a couple times to play “Don’t Worry” and “Masterpiece,” both of which are very personal to the band and the feeling reverberated within the crowd.

The highlight of the night happened to be their last song, “Break Up My Bones.” This song has been a mainstay for years and also an overall fan favorite. As the band closed out the show, fans did not disappoint. Even after hours of singing and dancing between the three bands playing, each person in the venue went all out for “Breaking Up My Bones.”

Even though the venue was on the smaller side, it did not matter — the band played their hearts out and did not hold anything back. Vinyl Theatre completely owned the stage and the crowd for the hour they had. Check out photos from the show below!

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