Martin Terry // Our Love's A Lie

Written by Kayla Albee


Martin Terry

Song: Our Love’s A Lie

Release date: October 12, 2018

North Carolina based country artist Martin Terry is hitting the scene with his debut single “Our Love’s A Lie” on October 12, 2018. Having spent years perfecting his craft and penning heartfelt lyrics, Martin’s hard work has paid off.

For this track, Martin had the opportunity to work with producer Kenny Royster, who has previously worked with Luke Combs on both “Hurricane” and “She Got The Best Of Me.” “Our Love’s A Lie” was recorded in Music City which is an unparalleled place for a country artist to get their start.

The single follows the basic story line of a love lost with a relationship coming to a painful end. Although both sides know that it’s for the best, it’s hard to ignore the heartache that comes in the aftermath of the final falling out. As the song progresses, Martin’s bold voice is emphasized by a thunderous chorus which follows the cycle of the ever present ups and downs in a cataclysmic relationship.

With heartbreak and relationship struggles being an ever prominent subject across all genres, it’s interesting to hear each individual artist’s take on the subject. When it comes to Martin, he’s one to face the facts and tell it like it is. After all, the message is in the name of the song. Martin is planning to release new music within the coming months, and we’re anticipating future releases to follow suit with clear cut lyricism, passionate vocals, and an excellent backing band.

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