Van Isaacson // Loving You Back

Written by Hanna Branch


Van Isaacson

Single: Loving You Back

Release date: March 14, 2019

Van Isaacson, Wisconsin native turned Chicago local, blends indie rock with a smooth, soulful sound on his latest release, “Loving You Back.” Isaacson’s past knowledge as a writer and backing musician has now led him in the direction of a solo artist. Isaacson’s sound boasts confidence as he finds and creates his own unique style.

“Loving You Back” highlights the musical knowledge that Isaacson has gathered over the years. The song tells the story of a somewhat complicated relationship, and one I’m sure others have faced as well. Lyrics mention how it can be hard to love someone back (hence the title of the track) and wondering whether you’re making the right decisions.

Sometimes, people can take residence in our minds. Isaacson describes this very experience in his new single. While Isaacson stands out in his own sound, “Loving You Back” is comparable to ballads by Hozier, with the deep, soulful style. Give this single a spin for yourself below!

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