Appleby // Young Lost Love

Written by Hanna Branch


Appleby // Young Lost Love

Release date: July 9, 2018

Produced by: Elias Abid

Filmed by: StripMall Productions

Chicago native and singer/songwriter, Appleby, began writing and recording music only a few years ago as a release for his emotions after the end of his tennis career. His soulful sound paired with sorrowful and sad lyrics have gained popularity with many, as they have been able to relate to him on several levels. Appleby released his album Happiness at the end of July which features "Young Love Lost" as the closing track. A music video to go along with the song was released in early July in anticipation of the album release.

Appleby says, “I’ve always felt like I replay parts of my life on loop, especially relationships and that feeling became the inspiration for 'Young Lost Love'” in the description of the music video. A heavy, and almost regretful tone hits listeners right at the beginning. We hear laughter from both adults and children in the opening notes followed by the first lyrics, “I can’t seem to say it’s over / It’s the middle of October / If the season’s switching over / There ain’t no reason to be sober.”  These already intense words tell us exactly what to expect from the rest of the song. The beat slowly picks up while keeping the overall sound very chill and soft.

“Young Lost Love” continues the story seamlessly with the music video. Appleby also mentions the inspiration behind the video -- “With the video, I wanted to explore how hard it can be to escape those memories. Good or bad. And how running away sometimes feels like your only option." The video begins with vintage looking video clips showing many different scenes from a relationship, home movie style. The viewer follows along with the entire relationship from the happy beginning, to the fights and mistrust, then ultimately to the end, when the guy physically runs away from the girl. The movie reel clips are cut by real-time events. During some points, we see the guy sitting on a beach watching the old clips, while they also play in his eyes, showing how he has been blinded by this relationship.

Appleby focuses on his feeling and thoughts in his lyrics then translates those words into video -- it's clear that Happiness has been a therapeutic release for him. Using raw and real emotion in his songs, Appleby is then able to relate to those who listen to his music, creating a down-to-earth experience. 

You can stay up to date with Appleby on Facebook + watch the music video for "Young Lost Love" on YouTube.