Daisy Maude // Pretend

Written by Hanna Branch

Daisy Maude

Single: Pretend
Release date: April 26, 2019

We recently spoke to Daisy Maude in our latest Feature Friday interview. She mentioned that a new single would be coming out soon, and that day has come! “Pretend” hit the world on April 26th. While different from her previous releases, this song fits her sound and overall aesthetic with amazing synchronicity.

“Pretend” offers an upbeat feel that mixes with Maude’s soft, mellow voice. Citing a close friend as inspiration for the song and lyrics, “Pretend” talks about how true friendship means more than most things in the world. I think we can all relate to having that one person who is so close to you that you never have to change or censor yourself.

Much of the music currently out on streaming platforms look to lovers as a source of happiness. “Pretend” is a breath of fresh air that speaks so highly of a beautiful friendship without the romantic aspect. Lyrics like “If I called your name / in the middle of the dark,” show that a friend who is willing to go significant lengths to help you is someone special and should be treasured.

“Pretend” leans in sound towards the likeness of Lorde and Halsey and will have you singing along and dancing along in no time. Go ahead and add “Pretend” to your playlist and thank me later - you can give it a listen below!

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