Dan Moxon Releases Debut Single, "Where You Gonna Sleep Tonight"

Written by Kayla Albee


Dan Moxon

Single: Where You Gonna Sleep Tonight

Release date: June 21, 2019

Vancouver based indie folk artist Dan Moxon provides a glimpse into a pivotal point of a tumultuous relationship on his vibrant debut single, “Where You Gonna Sleep Tonight.” The pairing of Moxon’s soulful vocals and the groovy instrumentals makes for a blast from the past while exploring a modern dilemma.

In an age of swiping right, being left on read, and the awkward avoidance of labeling your relationship, “Where You Gonna Sleep Tonight” confronts these anxieties head on. Driven by a mellow melody, Moxon’s sincere delivery puts his emotions on the table. While it can be a difficult conversation to have, establishing boundaries and ensuring that you’re on the same page with a significant other is necessary in order to take the next step, whether than means being exclusive or going separate ways.

The accompanying music video, directed by Julie Kim, features a couple going through the motions by way of interpretive dance. Could it be that they’re dancing around the issues that are weighing them down? Watch the music video below to decide for yourself!

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