Eaglemont // Mediocre At Best

Written by Kayla Albee



Single: Mediocre At Best

Digital release date: November 1st, 2018

Music video release date: October 11, 2018

Directed and edited by: Rosie Pavlovic & Kat Paltoglou

Label: Whisk & Key Records

Melborune based indie folk rock artist Bridgitte Jessop has been releasing music under the name Eaglemont since 2017. With a new double single titled “Mediocre At Best / Uppercut” being released on November 1st, Eaglemont has a video for “Mediocre At Best” out now. This is a heartfelt single with down to earth lyrics and minimal bells and whistles.

Following in the footsteps of 2017’s All I Think About Is Everything, “Mediocre At Best” is fired up with Jessop’s candid vocals. Not so much pessimistic as it is inquisitive, “Mediocre At Best” challenges the listener to answer the resounding, introspective question of “Why do I let myself down?” No matter the answer, the message is clear. We form our own opinions and beliefs about ourselves, meaning we hold the key to making the changes that we seek.

Exploring the intrusive thoughts of inadequacy while pushing forward, “Mediocre At Best” resonates with the self doubt in us all. It’s easy to get pulled into a negative head space, however Eaglemont keeps things light and lively with an easy to follow guitar accompaniment and a hazy fall morning feel that is conceptualized in the music video.

The video shows a simple day in the life of your average person — a day that seems, of course, mediocre at best. From going to the laundromat to shooting hoops in the park, it doesn’t seem like anything extraordinary happens although nothing magical has to happen to make each day a good one.

As the video comes to an end, Eaglemont’s playing basketball and takes a final shot. Does she make it? It’s up to you.

While the digital release will not be available until November 1st, 7" vinyl pre-orders are now available through Whisk and Key Records.

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