Indie Folk Duo Fawkes & Hownd Release New Single "Our Time"

Written by Kayla Albee

Our Time Cover Art.jpg

Fawkes & Hownd

Single: Our Time

Release date: June 28

Settle into the weekend with the cozy new single “Our Time” from Nashville based duo Fawkes & Hownd. Made up of one part Phöenix Lazare and one part Justin Kelley, Fawkes & Hownd deliver a dreamy blend of indie folk lyricism and singer-songwriter harmonies.

Phöenix’s light, airy vocals lend support as Justin Kelley takes the lead on this track. While their solo projects allow them both to explore different genres, their combined effort results in a charming dynamic. “Our Time” meanders in and out of declarations of love and the overwhelming pressure of the outside world.

As the two sing ”Every early morning while we rush out the door / A kiss through your car window is all we have time for” we’re reminded that there are seldom enough hours in the day. This leads Fawkes & Hownd to pose the question “So when’s it gonna be our time?” “Our Time” is a reminder to slow down, let go of the constant push and pull of the world, and enjoy the here and now before it’s too late.

Stream “Our Time” below and stay up to date with Fawkes & Hownd on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter


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